Addigy Integration

Real-Time Mac Network Insights

With Addigy data in your BrightGauge, it’s easy to create a custom Addigy Dashboard for a real time view of your network and devices, Addigy Reporting for sharing key metrics with your team and your clients, and Addigy Scorecards for tracking your team’s performance. 

Rule your Mac network monitoring with Addigy Dashboards, Reporting and Scorecards

Addigy  Dashboard

Have you ever wished for a way to track your Mac network data alongside that of your PC networks, PSA stats, financial data, and more? You can. See how easy it is to take control of your data and eliminate the silo, in real-time. With a complete business view and performance alerts, your team will always know which tasks to focus on next.



Addigy Reporting

“Why am I paying you?” It’s the question every MSP dreads to hear, but the answer is easy. With automated client reporting, you can give your clients the info they want to see and when they want to see it. Just schedule a custom report once, and it’s delivered right to their inbox every time, showing them the work you’ve done and the value of the services you provide.



Addigy Scorecards

If you measure it, you will improve! By assigning KPIs for each team member and keeping them updated on how they are trending towards their goals, it’s easy to see if they are on track or need improvement in order to reach their big-picture target. Holding your team accountable for their results has never been this easy!



See What Our Customers Are Saying

" Being able to glance at a board and know where we need to focus our attention at a single glance is fantastic. Addigy itself brings back so much useful information, and having a single place, especially for our service managers, to see what we need to update in our technology scorecards with our clients just became a whole lot easier. "

Karl Fulljames

VP of Operations | Nucleus Networks Inc.