We recently invited Richard Anderson, CEO & Chief Culture Officer of Imagine IT, to join us for a closer look at both of the roles he manages in his growing MSP. First, he talks to us about the importance of a connected, informed company culture and why culture needs to be deliberately planned and managed. Then the discussion transitions into the reasons why Richard has found peer groups to be highly beneficial in the growth of his business. 


From the accountability factor to the lessons he has learned and how to know when is the right time to join a peer group, Richard offers a ton of unique and helpful insights for folks weighing ideas on how to grow their professional skills and their business.

Company Culture and The Benefits of Peer Groups for MSPs: Episode Highlights

  • Introduction to Rich & Imagine IT (0:58)
  • Rich’s focus as CEO and Chief Culture Officer (4:50)
    • Why company culture has to be deliberate (5:45)
    • Events & Activities that Imagine and BrightGauge do to maintain deliberate culture (7:53)
    • Upholding culture and transparency through regular team meetings (10:00)
  • Why Rich decided to participate in a peer group (12:53)
    • The accountability and benchmarks that drive peer groups (17:02)
  • It’s not always what you take, but also what you give (20:39)
  • The right time to join a peer group (21:20)
  • An in-depth look at Traction EOS (23:08)
    • The best way for a MSP to start incorporating Traction (27:50)
    • Quarterly management team meetings (33:19)
  • Q&A: How Rich continues to improve professionally, life outside the office, parting advice, how to get in touch with Rich (39:24)


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