We often hear from MSPs who are stuck in the middle between being unsatisfied with their data solution versus navigating what they assume will be a major headache to change software. Jason Romer, Director of Technical Services at PriorityOne Group, found his team in that exact scenario but he knew a better solution was necessary in order to continue growing the business.

During Jason’s chat with BrightGauge CEO, Eric Dosal, he speaks candidly about how and why he made the decision to change Business Intelligence solutions and what the onboarding process was like after adopting BrightGauge. He also shares advice on industry trends, managing to zero, increasing sales by using gauges, and real-life examples of the results seen when using data every day. Whether you’re brand new to business metrics, or looking for a better data solution, Jason offers advice for everyone.  


Deevloping a Data Driven MSP: Episode Highlights

  • Jason’s introduction (1:17)
  • A day in the life as Director of Technical Services (3:34)
    • A culture of Employee development (4:45)
  • Trends Jason sees in the market today when speaking to prospects and customers (6:55)
  • A closer look at being data driven in MSP operations (10:53)
    • Everyone needs to own a number (13:34)
    • Real-life examples of the benefits of data (15:00)
    • How to tell when a new metric is needed (18:23)
  • Making the decision to change Business Intelligence solutions (19:53)
    • Adopting BrightGauge and the day-to-day experience (21:51)
    • Factors in the decision to change software (23:10)
  • Internal vs. external use of reporting (24:22)
    • Types of metrics shared in reports (25:56)
  • Advice to new users and folks who hesitate to adopt metrics (28:38)
  • Jason’s favorite resources for leadership & management: advice, favorite books, etc. (30:03)
  • Parting advice for MSPs about Business Intelligence and how to reach Jason (34:10)


As mentioned in the episode:


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