Joe Panettieri is known throughout the IT Service Provider industry as something of a media guru. He and business partner Amy Katz have built media brands together for nearly a decade. Through the blogs, podcasts, news updates, and more found on, Joe, Amy, and their team offer information on all 5 stages of an ITSP's business journey.

We asked Joe to join us for a conversation on some of the insights he’s learned after many years of covering the industry. From a day in the life as Content Czar, to tech trends, scaling a business and preparing for an exit, software consolidations and more, Joe opens up about his perspective on the business today.


Trends & Insights in the ITSP Market: Episode Highlights

  • Joe’s introduction and background (0:55)
  • How ChannelE2E determines the content and trends they will cover (3:30)
  • A typical day covering the industry (7:29)
  • What drove Joe to scale away from Nine Lives Media and focus solely on ChannelE2E (9:11)
  • How Joe knew it was the right time for an exit as a business founder (14:06)
  • Building your professional utopia (16:10)
  • Joe’s #1 advice to an entrepreneur (18:49)
  • Why Joe loves the IT channel (20:44)
  • Business and Tech trends in the industry (22:56)
  • Can traditional MSPs transition to the application level? (26:18)
  • Market trends in acquisitions, mergers, and growth (31:04)
  • Being ready for a sell (37:14)
  • PSA & RMM consolidations (37:54)
  • Q&A: business book recommendation, best professional resource, business advice, etc. (40:04)



As mentioned in the episode:


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