If you’ve been reading the news lately there’s no doubt that you’ve read the industry headlines where mergers and acquisitions are shared in the bold-font, front-page spotlight. Acquisitions are a popular topic in our community, and while we’ve shared our personal experience with selling our MSP, we also wanted to feature a closer look at how the process works from a business that specifically focuses on growth via acquisition.


We recently welcomed Eric Dykes, CEO of United Technology Group (UTG), to talk in-depth about the process of acquisitions after his experience completing the process several times. His chat with BrightGauge CEO, Eric Dosal, starts with a closer look at the high-level results UTG gained as a result of implementing the Traction EOS system and then takes a detailed dive into Acquisitions 101.


How to Grow an MSP via Acquisitions: Episode Highlights

  • Introduction To Eric Dykes & UTG (1:16)
    • Typical day as CEO (4:03)
  • High level results since implementing Traction EOS (4:52)
    • How Eric got Traction buy-in and participation from the team (5:47)
  • Successfully shifting from in-office to out-of-office responsibilities (7:28)
    • How to structure the team and each person’s focus (9:59)
  • Making the decision to grow via acquisitions (12:22)
    • How to find acquisition targets (14:09)
    • What happens to the owners after an acquisition? (16:10)
    • Acquisition sizes that work for UTG (17:32)
    • Do’s and Dont’s (19:12)
    • The structure of an acquisition (22:24)
    • The integration and transition process (24:15)
    • Does location matter when considering an acquisition? (25:25)
  • What’s the easiest way to get started with Traction EOS? (26:33)
  • Q&A: best business book, best everyday resource to become a better manager & CEO, life outside of work, parting advice, how to get in touch with Eric (30:15)


Book mentioned in the episode: The 80% Approach by Dan Sullivan


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