Recently at BrightGauge we’ve been exploring the ways in which our customers are driving operational efficiency by tracking and understanding their data. We invited Ryan Barton, CEO of Mainstay Technologies, to join us for a conversation about how his team uses data to help ensure that they are always focusing on the right things.

From understanding how BrightGauge helps the Mainstay team uncover new opportunities to driving team motivation with numbers on the wall, Ryan shares insights and advice that MSPs of any size can benefit from.


How to Drive Operational Efficiency: Episode Highlights

  • An introduction to Ryan and Mainstay (0:47)
  • Contract pricing: why Mainstay chose the per-user model (4:54)
  • A day in the life as CEO of Mainstay (6:08)
    • Why growing a business is like a parking garage (7:35)
  • Using data and metrics to increase visibility and drive the business (11:34)
  • How has the team reacted to so much data tracking their daily work? (15:22)
    • Putting a number on the wall and being transparent to drive motivation (17:26)
    • The right people welcome more data (18:52)
  • Creative ways Mainstay uses data + BrightGauge to uncover opportunities (20:03)
    • The 2 reports used to track Client Health (20:53)
    • Easily track standards via custom SQL work (23:01)
  • Results with BrightGauge (25:23)
  • Who reviews the information and presents to end user? (26:15)
    • Addressing pushback from clients (27:21)
  • Ryan’s best resources for continually learning as a business person (30:40)
  • Where Mainstay is going as the MSP industry and technology continue evolving (34:05)
  • Parting advice and how to reach Ryan (36:47)


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