If you’ve tuned in before to The BrightGauge Podcast, you know that we typically welcome a guest on each episode to chat about their experience and advice in regards to the Service Provider industry. But in this episode known as Ask Us Anything, we turned the tables a bit and decided to let our community guide the conversation.

Ask Us Anything webinar prep

Me, Brian, Randall, and Eric getting set to begin “Ask Us Anything” live


Let’s back up and explain how we got to this decision...

Here in the States during the last few months, we’ve all been smothered in the drama of politics playing out in the media. While our team has had some serious entertainment during the coverage, we were also taking notes on how these politicians connect with their audience - in particular we thought the concept of a Town Hall meeting was a great way to make sure the community gets the information they want. So, we recently hosted a virtual Town Hall webinar and let our attendees ask the questions. We covered everything from product updates to feature requests, application questions, our upcoming roadmap and more. Then we decided to share the same live recording for people who want to listen on the go...


Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome and why we chose a virtual Town Hall (1:25)
  • Kicking off with the most unique question we received (3:19)
  • What does the 2016 product roadmap look like? (4:06)
  • How do you decide what goes into the roadmap and what gets left off? (10:30)
  • Any new features in the works that you may be able to share? (13:10)
  • How has the ConnectWise announcement of dashboards impacted your business? (13:54)
  • Why did you start a podcast? Was it easy and what are the results so far? (15:25)
  • What social media channels are you finding the most impactful? (16:59)
  • What new integrations do you have on the roadmap for 2016? (18:38)
  • Where does the DeskDirector integration fit into the timeframe? (20:35)
  • What do you think of Power BI? (21:36)
  • When is the ZenDesk integration coming back? (23:56)
  • Any updates on a tighter integration with Kaseya and MYOB? (24:43)
  • Which TruMethods metrics are available? (25:26)
  • Will you be providing one to one training for BrightGauge in the future? (26:10)
  • How do you notify us about new things? I feel like new updates are released but I don’t know about them. (27:02)
  • Higher limit than 500 for Table & List Gauges and higher limit on drilldown Rows? (28:34)
  • Page breaks for PDF page separation? (30:40)
  • If we create customized reports using the Matrix in Tigerpaw can we pull those into your reporting tool? (31:26)
  • When will I be able to export gauge information and reports to CSV or Excel? (32:37)
    • CSV export of Drilldown, List and Table Gauges?
    • Any plans to incorporate data from an Excel spreadsheet somehow?
  • Can you replace empty date with 0 value for line charts? (36:32)
  • How can we get Sales Order/Purchase Order information up on a dashboard? (36:57)
  • Any way or thoughts to make a common filter when you have many layers? (36:55)
  • What kind of beer is in the kegerator? (39:09)
  • What’s it like working with your brother? (39:55)
  • Final questions and wrapping up (40:28)



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