We’ve collaborated with Richard Tubb in the past to bring our community advice from one of the most well-known IT Consultants in the UK, so we were excited to invite him back a few weeks ago for an in-depth discussion about Tips on Identifying Your Ideal Customer. The discussion originally appeared as a webinar with Richard, but based on great demand from our community, we decided to also share his advice via podcast for folks who prefer to listen on the go.


Over the years Richard has worked with countless Service Providers, sharing the lessons he learned as owner of a MSP business. From bad customers to budgeting woes, placing price over value or lack of communication, Richard has dealt with all the customer challenges that are so common in the Service Provider industry. He covers these topics and many others during his conversation with our co-Founder and CEO, Eric Dosal.

Tips on Identifying Your Ideal Customer: Episode Highlights

  • Introduction to Richard Tubb (1:01)
  • 3 typical challenges faced (2:30)
  • Not every prospect is going to be a good fit for your business (4:54)
  • Why is it important to find the “right” customer for your business? (5:45)
    • 3 buckets/types of customers
  • How to spot “C” bucket customers in the Sales Process (10:10)
  • (4) Red flags in Sales Meetings (16:02)
    • prospects who can’t afford you (16:30)
      • the bracketing technique for identifying budgets
      • “what don’t you want to pay?”
    • price over value (27:05)
    • quotes & proposals (34:04)
    • prospects who won’t/can’t answer questions (40:47)
  • Red flag recap & how to reach Richard (48:53)


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