Valuable Business Insights from Kaseya

BrightGauge enables you to make better decisions, faster – by leveraging your Kaseya data

Unleash the Power of your Kaseya Data

Show Your Clients the Value You Provide

With our Client Reporting feature you can set up automatically generated reports to be sent to your client, customized to their needs.


Real Time Network Performance Monitoring

Being proactive has never been easier! With dashboard alerts, your team knows which assets need immediate action before your customers know.

Manage All Your Data in One Place

Eliminate the data silo by combining your Kaseya, PSA, and Financial data into a single view of the metrics that run your business.


Boost Team Collaboration with Metrics & KPIs

BrightGauge dashboards and reports are created with a few easy clicks – perfect for ensuring all team members are updated at a moment’s notice.

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Kaseya Metrics Bring Valuable Context To All Your Data




" "I have never been great at data manipulation but since we have started using BrightGauge I have been able to produce reports that have helped improve our productivity by shining a light on where we had wasted effort, time or funds. Now I feel confident making decisions based on real data rather than gut feelings. The canned reports are great, but even better is the support you get when trying to figure out something new, or figuring out why numbers don’t match up. We have been using BrightGauge for years and plan to keep using them for years to come." "

Nate Harris Director of Service Delivery | DynaSis