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BrightGauge enables you to turn your key business data from your PSA, RMM, and QuickBooks into meaningful business insights by leveraging our advanced business intelligence platform.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

As Robin often mentions, Pearson’s Law states: “That which is measured, improves.  That which is measured and reported on, improves exponentially.”  I don’t know of a better real time reporting tool, than BrightGauge.  We use BrightGauge for internal financial performance and service delivery reporting, as well as client facing reporting so our clients can see, in real time, how we’re doing.

Ryan Markel

President, Take Ctrl

“Since getting started with BrightGauge, we’ve seen a cultural change within the company when it comes to the team’s accountability. No one can miss our high priority, new, and client-responded ConnectWise tickets because they are highlighted on the BrightGauge dashboard, and response times have speeded up significantly. Now that all outstanding tickets are displayed on a dashboard where everyone can view them, even straggler issues and documentation get completed. In addition, clients and prospects who visit our office are impressed to see our metrics on display.”

Michael Coopersmith

President, Integrated Technology Systems