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MSP Referral Program

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Introduce us and we'll give you $500!

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Step 1

Fill out the form below… Tell us who you are, who you’d like to refer to BrightGauge and why*.

Step 2

A BrightGauge team member will reach out to the referral.

Step 3

If the referral signs up for BrightGauge and is a paying customer in good standing for at least two consecutive months, we'll send you a check for $500. That's it!

Eligibility Details

  • To be eligible for a reward, you must be a current, paying BrightGauge user in good standing for at least 60 days

  • A referral must be a managed service provider or IT service provider

  • A referral must pay for BrightGauge for two or more consecutive months

  • Your referral won’t be eligible for a reward if:

    • They are a home user or student

    • They are an affiliate, subsidiary, or client of yours

    • They are or have ever been an opportunity with BrightGauge

    • They are a business who’s been referred by someone else in the last 90 days

    • They don’t become a BrightGauge customer within 90 days of the referral date.


1. Who are you?

2. Who are you referring?*

* When you submit a referral, a BrightGauge sales rep follows up with that person. To increase the chances of earning the $500 reward, make sure your referral knows we’ll be in touch.
Thank you for your referral.