Drive Your Growth with Scorecards

The key pillars for maximizing growth are aligning your team with your organization’s goals, measuring team performance towards achieving those goals, and holding your team accountable for hitting their individual goals.

 With BrightGauge Scorecards, it’s simple to achieve your growth goals:

Here’s How Scorecards Work

Setup Your Scorecard In Seconds

Step 1: Assign an Owner
Step 2: Configure Your KPI
Step 3: Set Your Goal

 Check In Weekly

• Green KPIs Are On Track
• Red KPIs Need Attention
• KPIs Update Automatically
• Manual Input Option Available

Accountability & Cadence Drives Growth

align_teamAlign Your Team With Their Goals

track_progressTrack Progress Towards Their Goals

identify_problemIdentify Problems Sooner

visualize_performanceVisualize Your Performance

What Our Customers are Saying

Ryan Barton CEO, Mainstay Technologies

"There are two stages of Mainstay: life before BrightGauge and life after BrightGauge. BrightGauge provides the headlights as we navigate a dark road of growing our business."