Connecting to GFI MAX

Valuable Business Insights from SolarWinds MSP RMM

BrightGauge enables you to customize all the data from SolarWinds MSP RMM and convert it into meaningful insights with our dashboard or reports for you to make better decisions, faster. Once you’ve integrated SolarWinds MSP RMM with BrightGauge you’ll immediately get access to our pre-built template gauges and reports to help you quickly start making data-driven decisions.

  • Show Your Clients The Value You Provide

    Get away from trying to justify the time spent on your clients and move to show them the value you are providing. With our Client Reporting feature you can set up automatically generated reports to be sent to your client customized to their needs. If they want more real time view into their performance you can set up a Client Dashboard for them to log into.

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  • Real Time Network Performance Monitoring

    Share with your entire team real time updates on how your client’s networks are performing and what assets need immediate attention. With the BrightGauge dashboards you can be alerted before your customers know and can proactively respond to the issues all while keeping everyone on the team on the same page.

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  • All Your Data In One Place

    BrightGauge allows you to combine your SolarWinds MSP RMM data along with your PSA and Financial data for truly meaningful insights into your business.  This simplifies the resources required to manage all your data and provides a single holistic view of multiple data sources.

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  • Team Metrics & KPIs

    BrightGauge empowers its users by making it very easy to build out dashboard or reports on the fly to help collaborate with your team. By tapping into our Internal Metric and KPI reporting across SolarWinds MSP RMM and all your other data sources you can ensure all team members are kept in the loop with the latest developments.

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See What Our SolarWinds MSP RMM Customers Are Saying

“We spent years attempting to pull and present good data on the state of our company. Once we found BrightGauge and configured it with ConnectWise and SolarWinds MSP RMM we had instant clarity on some key areas that needed work. This also allowed us to automatically make good on our promise to be transparent with our customers and free up valuable analyst time. The integration with SolarWinds MSP RMM, in particular, has enabled us to create a true ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard on a 4k display. Kudos to BrightGauge for their nuanced and brilliant product.”

Jason Nelson

Managing Member, CEO, Allixo