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We love growing companies, we love software, and we build tools that we believe will help companies manage and accelerate their growth.

Our story

It all started in our Managed Services business back in 2011, where it was obvious that we, along with so many other SMBs, needed a better solution for managing data and proving the value of our work to our customers. What began as a side project and idea for a client reporting solution has since evolved into the world’s leading business intelligence platform for MSPs.

Today, over 1,200 customers around the globe use BrightGauge’s software to understand their data and drive growth with real time dashboards, automated reporting, and goal oriented scorecards. No more logging in and out, toggling windows or juggling multiple platforms – BrightGauge eliminates the data silo so users can save precious time and energy.

Why we’re here

Never regret a Monday

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up each Monday, excited to get back to work with fellow teammates. That’s the type of environment we all strive to create for each other and why we love what we do.

What we believe

  • We are proudly family owned and customer funded. Therefore we obsess over our customer’s success and always go the extra mile for them.
    Customer is King
  • We know building a company is a team sport and we cannot succeed without each other. Though we are multiple teams within the company, we are all working together towards the same goals.
    Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
  • We work hard to keep everything we do simple for ourselves and for our customers. From our workflow, to our strategies, to our product, we strive for simplicity and realize that “simple” is not always synonymous with “easy”.
    Keep It Simple
  • We never stop improving and iterating on anything we do. We have big goals, but focus on the small tasks to get us there.
    Think Big, Start Small

Who we are


We are more concerned with doing what is right, than being right.  We recognize that there is always much to learn and improve in both ourselves and as a company.


We value hard work and the gritty pursuit of growing our company.  That hard work is led by our passion to serve our customers, the company, and improve our individual crafts.


We are ethical, helpful, and honest people who are always trying to do the right thing by our customers, our teammates, and our community.

Want to be the next BrightGauger?

Building BrightGauge is a team sport. If you are looking for a place where you’ll tackle big projects alongside some of the most talented and dynamic people you’ve ever worked with, BrightGauge might just be the place for you. Join us!

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