Report Automation Shows Your Value to Clients

It has always been a challenge to easily show your clients the value you provide on a regular basis. We solved that for you, with automated Client Reporting in under 2 minutes.

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Build strong client relationships with Client Reporting

Trust is a key ingredient for long term success in a business partnership. So how do you build trust with your clients? With Client Reporting, you can give clients the information they want, how they want it.

  1. Choose type
    BrightGauge makes it easy to be transparent with anyone. When you visit our Reports section, you'll be able to choose between sending a report to your clients or your internal teams. 
  2. Pick a template
    You have two options when building a report: either start from scratch or select from one of our default templates. Either way, you can customize it to what you need.
  3. Set the schedule
    Once you've created a report, you can save it as a template and set it to automatically go out to the recipients you choose on the date and time you desire. 

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