Whitepapers & Guides to Improve Business Operations and Data Management

Managing Your Remote Team and Keeping Them Engaged

Working from home has many perks, but for managers and owners, managing their remote teams can be a challenge.

Managing Remote Teams During COVID

COVID made most of the world work from home, and with the shift comes the challenges of keeping your dispersed teams productive

Implementing an Efficient Success Team

Tips and insights on building up your success team in order to foster trustworthy client relationships and reduce churn.

Growth Handbook

Growing Your MSP: An Actionable Guide You Can Use to Scale Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to ConnectWise Metrics 

How the default KPIs that come with your ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate integrations can help your business.

70+ Metrics for MSPs

A close look at over 70 metrics and accompanying formulas for every team within your organization.

Data Warehousing Can Improve Your Service Team's Efficiency

A look at how our Snapshot gauges automatically capture historical data, providing deep business insights.

Making Sense of Your ConnectWise Data

A business intelligence partnership that helps you be a stronger service provider.

The End-All Guide to Client Reporting

Increase transparency, build trust with your customers, and lower your churn rate.

Internal Metrics that Matter

We take a look at some of the key metrics used to manage a successful MSP.

Quarterly Business Review

You'll see which metrics to pull from your BrightGauge, as well as other critical areas to highlight in each review.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys That Work

Brought to you by SmileBack + BrightGauge, this paper examines how to get the CSAT survey results you want and why CSAT should be a priority.

Using Data To Improve Service Operations

See how to identify the 'right' metrics that matter and share them with your team to keep them in the data loop. 

How to Improve Your Business with KPIs

We share how to implement KPIs and improve your business.

The Right Way to Set Business Goals

Start Setting inspiring goals, promoting accountability, and staying on track.

Driving Accountability Within Your Organization

See a detailed look at facilitating accountability and setting effective goals.

Big Data 101 for MSPs

We show you how to organize and visualize your most important data, so that you can leverage the information drilled down from your metrics.

10 Lessons Learned from Selling Our MSP

We share specific real life lessons learned during our last transaction.

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