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Join us for a conversation on how to grow your business as we feature guests from all segments of the IT Service Provider industry. Each episode offers practical tips and advice from pros who have earned their expertise on a variety of topics including the Sales Process, Identifying your Ideal Customer, ensuring Customer Success, Building a Team, trends in the MSP industry, and so much more.

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Current Episodes

Episode 40:
Focusing on Client Experience in Managed Services, with Karl Fulljames of Nucleus Networks

Managed Service Providers have more data than just about any other business out there! So when it comes to tracking data points that will actually make a difference for your business, how do you know which metrics matter and which ones don’t?

“What can we do to give the best client experience?” is the thought process for the Nucleus Networks team, as we learned from Karl Fulljames, VP of Operations. As Karl goes on to explain, from day one the Nucleus team has focused on client experience so that they could grow by word of mouth. By working backward from the end goal of an awesome customer experience, Karl explains how the Nucleus team has mastered client experience by staying focused on hiring decisions, service team processes, ticketing procedures, and more.

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Episode 39:
Customer Success in Managed Services, with Peter Briden of TruMethods

Customer Success is all about ensuring that customers achieve their desired outcome in the world of B2B products. It’s not a new term, but outside of the SaaS world, Customer Success doesn’t always garner the same buzz.
That’s where Peter Briden, MSP Peer Group Coach, comes in. After studying Customer Success in depth, and finding common threads between it and success patterns from his days as an MSP owner, Peter is spreading the word about how Customer Success applies to our industry.

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Episode 38:
How to Build an MSP Sales Team + the KPIs You Need to Know, with Nate Austin of Mytech Partners

“How often are you meeting with your team?” was the burning, top-of-the-list question during our journey to understand the best practices behind growing an MSP sales team.

We sat down with Nate Austin, VP of Business Development at Mytech Partners, to gain some first-hand knowledge on the matter. Since 2000, Mytech has grown from an idea into an MSP with 3 offices and 90 employees spread across Minnesota and Colorado, and the leadership team picked up a lot of tips along the way. As we learned from Nate, you’re one-on-one meetings should be weekly, but there are two different kinds of one-on-one meetings you should have: deal strategizing and coaching – which is popular among business owners – but owners often lose sight of the second one, which should focus on accountability.

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Episode 37:
Making the Move from MSP to Professional EOS Implementer, with Ryan Giles of Giles LLC

At the 10-year mark in his MSP business, Ryan Giles knew that he hadn’t achieved even half of what he had in mind for the time frame. “I knew the right information… there wasn’t any inherent skill gap or things I didn’t know… but it was really a matter of executing”, he explains.

When Ryan discovered and implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) at his MSP, the move yielded immediate results – 30% year-over-year growth, an additional 14 points to the bottom line, and triple the valuation. Seeing first-hand what can be accomplished with the system led Ryan to launch a new chapter in his professional journey, this time as Professional EOS Implementer at Giles LLC.

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Episode 36:
Solving the Challenges of Process & Documentation for MSPs, with Chris Day of IT Glue

MSPs are known for having information floating around – on sticky notes, on spreadsheets, and in people’s heads. But at the core of it all, “almost everybody knows that they have a challenge around process and access to information”, explains IT Glue CEO, Chris Day. He goes on to explain how his days as founder of an MSP ultimately led to IT Glue and a documentation solution. Tune in for advice on how to be successful with documentation, common documentation mistakes made by MSPs, and even a few tips on how to get your team on board with documentation.

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