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Join us for a conversation on how to grow your business as we feature guests from all segments of the IT Service Provider industry. Each episode offers practical tips and advice from pros who have earned their expertise on a variety of topics including the Sales Process, Identifying your Ideal Customer, ensuring Customer Success, Building a Team, trends in the MSP industry, and so much more.

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Current Episodes

Episode 31:
Achieving Incredible Growth in a Commoditized Industry, featuring Rob Rae of Datto

In roughly 10 years, Datto has grown from being one of many names in a sea of backup solution providers to one of the headlining names of the IT Services industry. We recently invited Datto’s VP of Business Development, Rob Rae, to join us for a conversation on achieving incredible growth in a commoditized industry. The insights Rob shared carried the conversation from brand messaging to customer education, partnering with the right solution providers, common themes in the ITSP industry, and more.

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Episode 30:
Building BrightGauge, featuring Brian Dosal, our co-Founder and Head of Product

From an idea born out of the client reporting needs of a growing MSP to the complete data platform we’re building today, Brian Dosal gives us all the details of BrightGauge’s past, present, and future. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about our product, how we plan for and design each feature, a day in the life of building a SaaS product, or even which feature is our co-Founder’s favorite (or least favorite!), then join us for a special look at the BrightGauge journey.

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Episode 29:
Trends in the Cloud, featuring Jonathan Lieberman of Itopia

We asked Jonathan Lieberman, co-Founder & CEO of Itopia cloud workspace to join us for a conversation about what’s really going on in the world of cloud software. How far into the cloud trend are we now? What are the common cloud security concerns? What signs should MSPs look for to confirm that it’s time to transition to the cloud? Join us for all the cloud insights you need to know.

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Episode 28:
Data Won't Give You All the Answers, with Todd Kane of Evolved Management

“Data won’t give you all the answers, but it will help you ask better questions” explains Todd Kane, President of Evolved Management Consulting. For MSPs, Todd stresses the point that being data driven always starts with KPIs. From there, MSPs must ensure that they have an execution plan because numbers are irrelevant for those who don’t know how the numbers apply to their business and how to close the gap between starting point and goal. In his conversation with us, Todd shares 5 KPIs to measure MSP success, leadership insights, the top mistakes that MSP make, and more.

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Episode 27:
Coaching Through the Stages of MSP Maturity, featuring Rex Frank of Sea Level Operations

Rex Frank founded Sea Level Operations with the core purpose to “Coach IT Managed Service Providers on achieving operational excellence.” With 23 years in the industry under his belt, Rex coaches based on the lessons he’s learned first-hand while moving through the levels from Tech to Director of Operations at a handful of Service Providers. We sat down with him for a conversation on growing and scaling an MSP to maturity, recommendations for service gross margin, and a closer look at the life of a ticket.

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