The BrightGauge Podcast

Join us for a conversation on how to grow your business as we feature guests from all segments of the IT Service Provider industry. Each episode offers practical tips and advice from pros who have earned their expertise on a variety of topics including the Sales Process, Identifying your Ideal Customer, ensuring Customer Success, Building a Team, trends in the MSP industry, and so much more.

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Podcast #46: Achieving Great Customer Support Through Team Building with Cenon Hipolito, NetworkDr

Focused on more than service desk side of things, Cenon Hipolito, the Service Desk Manager of NetworkDr, is dedicated to making sure his techs want to stick around for the long haul. Less employee turnover is a sure sign of greater customer satisfaction.

#45: The Importance of Goal Setting with BrightGauge CEO, Brian Dosal

After turning to the EOS system back in 2016, BrightGauge found that there were a number of areas of our company we could improve to boost growth and employee happiness. Since reading Traction and implementing the EOS system, goal setting has been a big priority for our team, even making its way into our product.

#44: Taking a New Approach to Operations with Accelo CEO, Geoff McQueen

Tune in to this month's episode as BrightGauge CEO Brian Dosal interviews Accelo founder Geoff McQueen on their origin story, changing the way businesses operate, and what it's been like operating between San Francisco and Australia-based headquarters.  

#43: Using Traction to Grow Your Team with McNallan Technology Solutions

Many have turned to Gino Wickman's book, Traction to help turn their vision into actionable goals. This episode's guest, Rocky Johnson of McNallan Technology Solutions shares what it was like to go through a company acquisition and how he's helping to foster team growth by extending leadership positions throughout the company.   

#42: Identifying Key Metrics & Settings Goals with FPA Inc.

Staying on top of success requires a little bit of luck and a lot of goal setting. Mainly though, it comes down to picking the right metrics to track. For this podcast episode our guest, Craig Pollack, CEO of FPA Inc. shares how he has come to build his company with a few Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) and a lot of focus on great customer care.

#41: What’s Next? A look inside the last year at BrightGauge + Compuquip Cybersecurity with Eric & Brian Dosal

A welcome back to the BrightGauge podcast! This month the tables turn as cofounders Brian and Eric Dosal interview each other on the last year at BrightGauge & Compuquip.

Episode 40 with Karl Fulljames of Nucleus Networks

Managed Service Providers have more data than just about any other business out there! So when it comes to tracking data points that will actually make a difference for your business, how do you know which metrics matter and which ones don’t?

Episode 39 with Peter Briden of TruMethods

Customer Success is all about ensuring that customers achieve their desired outcome in the world of B2B products. It’s not a new term, but outside of the SaaS world, Customer Success doesn’t always garner the same buzz.

64 Favorite Resources from The BrightGauge Podcast

Back in the early days of The BrightGauge Podcast, we decided that we would ask our guests to recommend their favorite resources for advancing their business, or for self improvement. Now with 38 episodes (and counting!) in the line-up, join us for a look back as we share all of the great books, softwares, blogs, podcasts, and other resources we’ve collected along the way:

Episode 38 with Nate Austin of Mytech Partners

“How often are you meeting with your team?” was the burning, top-of-the-list question during our journey to understand the best practices behind growing an MSP sales team.

Episode 37 with Ryan Giles, Professional EOS Implementer

At the 10-year mark in his MSP business, Ryan Giles knew that he hadn’t achieved even half of what he had in mind for the time frame. “I knew the right information… there wasn’t any inherent skill gap or things I didn’t know... but it was really a matter of executing”, he explains.

Episode 36 with Chris Day of IT Glue

MSPs are known for having information floating around - on sticky notes, on spreadsheets, and in people’s heads. But at the core of it all, “almost everybody knows that they have a challenge around process and access to information”, explains IT Glue CEO, Chris Day.

Episode 35 with Arlin Sorensen of HTG Peer Groups

As peer groups become more popular in the IT Services channel, we often get questions about what to expect and what will be accomplished by joining one. We were recently joined by Arlin Sorensen, Founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups, to learn more about the mission and vision behind the organization.

Episode 34: Todd McQuilkin & Simon Smith of Air-IT

As an MSP, there are so many data points that you could be tracking in an effort to improve your business and keep your clients happy. After all, we’re all familiar with one version or another of the saying about ‘what gets measured, gets improved’.

Episode 33 with John Davenjay of Bowman Williams

Finding and retaining the best candidates is a common challenge for any business, and it also happens to be the topic that our customers bring up most often in their conversations with us. There are a ton of resources available on general best practices for hiring and keeping a team engaged, but we wanted to take a closer look at the specifics of the MSP industry.

Episode 32 with Javier Sola of Compuquip

IT Security in today’s world is no longer a basic blocking and tackling approach mixed in with a bit of antivirus protection. And as the state of security continues to evolve rapidly, it’s hard to keep up with all of the threats that businesses face.

Episode 31 with Rob Rae of Datto

In roughly 10 years, Datto has grown from being one of many names in a sea of backup solution providers to one of the headlining names of the IT Services industry. We recently invited Datto’s VP of Business Development, Rob Rae, to join us for a conversation on achieving incredible growth in a commoditized industry. The insights Rob shared carried the conversation from brand messaging to customer education, partnering with the right solution providers, common themes in the ITSP industry, and more.

Building BrightGauge, featuring Brian Dosal

For our 30th episode, we welcomed special guest Brian Dosal, co-Founder and Head of Product here at BrightGauge. From an idea born out of the client reporting needs of a growing MSP to the complete data platform we’re building today, Brian gives us all the details of BrightGauge’s past, present, and future. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about our product, how we plan for and design each feature, a day in the life of building a SaaS product, or even which feature is our co-Founder’s favorite (or least favorite!), then join us for a special look at the BrightGauge journey.

Episode 29 with Jonathan Lieberman of Itopia

In the last few years cloud popularity has been on the rise, but we find that plenty of people in the MSP industry still have questions have the trend. So we asked Jonathan Lieberman, co-Founder & CEO of Itopia cloud workspace to join us for a conversation about what’s really going on in the world of cloud software. How far into the cloud trend are we now? What are the common cloud security concerns? What signs should MSPs look for to confirm that it’s time to transition to the cloud? Join us for all the cloud insights you need to know.

Episode 28 with Todd Kane of Evolved Management

“Data won’t give you all the answers, but it will help you ask better questions” explains Todd Kane, President of Evolved Management Consulting. 

Episode 27 with Rex Frank of Sea Level Operations

Rex Frank founded Sea Level Operations with the core purpose to “Coach IT Managed Service Providers on achieving operational excellence.” With 23 years in the industry under his belt, Rex coaches based on the lessons he’s learned first-hand while moving through the levels from Tech to Director of Operations at a handful of Service Providers. We sat down with him for a conversation on growing and scaling an MSP to maturity, recommendations for service gross margin, and a closer look at the life of a ticket.

Episode 26 with Lindsay Willott of Customer Thermometer

“Customer silence isn’t always golden.” In our conversation with Lindsay Willott, co-Founder and CEO of Customer Thermometer, we take a closer look at what customer satisfaction really is, and why every company should be monitoring the metrics tied to it.

Episode 25 with Colin Knox of Passportal

Before launching Passportal, Colin Knox spent nearly 2 decades in the MSP business, most recently as the Owner of Xcel Professional Services. In less than 7 years, Colin founded the IT Services business, grew it to $4M in annual revenue, and then lead the efforts in selling the booming company. In our conversation, Colin walks us through each chapter of the story, from growth milestones of an MSP to the idea, process, and transaction of selling the business, plus the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

Episode 24 with Mike Maseda of CoAdvantage

When it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing world of people management, small business owners can easily get lost in the tides of benefit offers, talent acquisition, and ever changing legal codes. How do you know if you’re taking the right steps and making the right calls? How do you know when it’s time to call in an expert, and who do you speak to?

Episode 23 with Kevin Studley of The Network Pro

Making a total transition from traditional break/fix operations into a pure MSP model is a feat that many Service Providers struggle to complete. That’s why we asked Kevin Studley, President & CEO of The Network Pro, to share the highlights of implementing such a large operational change.

Episode 22 with Peter Briden of TruMethods

When it comes to offering MSPs advice on growth and operations, the best insights come from business leaders who have already forged the same path. That’s where Peter Briden comes in. After building and selling PC Networks, Peter joined the TruMethods peer group as a coach for Solutions Providers looking to improve their business.

Episode 21 with Ryan Markel of Take Ctrl

There’s a good chance you’ve heard by now about a handful of different peer groups for the MSP/ITSP industry, and for good reason - they bring results to business leaders. We’ve even featured some conversations on them here before, specifically taking a look at what to expect if you’re considering joining one.

Year One of The BrightGauge Podcast: our Top 5 Episodes

If you had told us at the beginning of last summer that we were about to embark on a new version of content at BrightGauge, we probably would have thought you’re crazy. There’s definitely no way we would have believed that mid-summer 2016 would see us 20 episodes in to our own podcast, and with a waiting list for new guests!

Episode 20 with James Foxall of Tigerpaw Software

As the President/CEO of Tigerpaw Software, James Foxall keeps his sights set on industry trends, leading a growing team, and continually pushing to evolve the PSA platform. From the helm of the well-known brand, James has a unique view of ‘the biz’, so to speak, and we were excited to host him for a conversation about how he sees the industry now and where it’s going soon.

Episode 19 with Shann Bosnell of CareWorx

As a true Power User of the BrightGauge platform, Shann Bosnell has joined us on multiple occasions to share some of the tools and best practices that helped TUC Managed IT Solutions (now CareWorx) grow exponentially over the last 10 years. This time we take a closer look specifically at the benefits of data-driven sales and service, results using client dashboards, the decision to operate in a vertical instead of a horizontal, and more.

Episode 18 with Richard Trivedi of CadreNet

We sat down with Richard Trivedi, Owner of CadreNet, to talk about his business evolution after being the IT industry for over 20 years. As one of the first customers to use the BrightGauge + Tigerpaw integration, Richard knows a thing or two about making a business more efficient, but also how to increase MRR at the same time.

Episode 16 with Gabe Martin of the Brett Tanner Team

If you read the title of our latest episode, you may be wondering why a software company would be asking for advice from a real estate company, but the answer is simple. At BrightGauge, we often hear questions from our community asking for advice on building, managing, and growing sales teams… and almost everyone faces the same challenges no matter what line of business they’re in.

Episode 13 with Dan Tyre of HubSpot

“Just stop cold calling.” It’s a bold and direct statement made during our conversation with Dan Tyre, HubSpot Executive and SMarketing guru. We asked Dan to join us for a discussion on the ins and outs of Inbound and why Managed Service Providers should invest in it instead of traditional sales and marketing methods.

Episode 10 with Nick Olerud of Netrix IT

Everyone realizes the correlation between dashboards and data management, but how do dashboards help with team management? We recently invited Nick Olerud, Director of Technology at Netrix IT, to join us for a conversation about the results his team has seen since implementing dashboards.

Insights from MSP Coach and Expert, Gary Pica

We recently had the opportunity to host Gary Pica on The BrightGauge Podcast (on iTunes and SoundCloud), and we’re so excited to share his tips and advice with our community! Gary is well-known for being founder of the TruMethods peer group, but prior to that Gary owned one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the States with over 7,000 endpoints under management in a multimillion-dollar practice. As the head of TruMethods, Gary has coached more than 1,500 MSPs over the course of the last 5 years - and we were thrilled that he shared some great industry insights with us.

Episode 5 with Josh Kotler of Western Digitech

On the latest episode of The BrightGauge Podcast we asked Josh Kotler, Partner & CEO of Western Digitech, to join us for a closer look at growing a MSP business. As the head of a rapidly growing MSP practice, Josh knows all about the challenges and opportunities we hear from many other folks within the community.

Episode 4 with Jorge Azcuy of All Covered

Recently we’ve talked a lot about Customer Success (check out our webinar on the topic here) and how our partners can benefit from implementing their own program. The topic has been very popular with our community, so we decided to bring in a local expert with years of experience in building, launching and maintaining a Customer Success program. Jorge Azcuy, Managing Director of All Covered in Miami joined our co-Founder and CEO, Eric Dosal to discuss how and why Technical Account Managers (TAMs) were used as the foundation for the Customer Success program he managed at Compuquip.

Episode 3 with Matt Gallo of United Data Technologies

After we recently featured a podcast about the BrightGauge sales process, the feedback was great from our community but folks still had questions and wanted to dive even deeper into the topic. So we invited Matt Gallo, Territory Sales Manager of the SMB Division of United Data Technologies (UDT), to join our co-Founder and CEO, Eric Dosal, for an in-depth discussion about his experience building a sales division for one of the largest Managed IT teams in South Florida.

Launching The BrightGauge Podcast

The team at BrightGauge really prides ourselves on being open-minded, especially when it comes to new ideas about how we can share content with our customers and friends. So during the course of a round of recent customer feedback interviews led by our Product Manager, Brian Dosal, I took note that a few of our customers referenced podcasts they listened to or had even been featured on.