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Join us for a conversation on how to grow your business as we feature guests from all segments of the IT Service Provider industry. Each episode offers practical tips and advice from pros who have earned their expertise on a variety of topics including the Sales Process, Identifying your Ideal Customer, ensuring Customer Success, Building a Team, trends in the MSP industry, and so much more.

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Current Episodes

Episode 45:
The Importance of Setting Goals with BrightGauge CEO Brian Dosal

After turning to the EOS system back in 2016, BrightGauge found that there were a number of areas of our company we could improve to boost growth and employee happiness. Since reading Traction and implementing the EOS system, goal setting has been a big priority for our team, even making its way into our product.

In this episode, Brian reviews why goals are important to any thriving business, and how to get started with them.

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Episode 44:
Taking a New Approach to Operations with Accelo CEO, Geoff McQueen

Tune in to this month’s episode as BrightGauge CEO Brian Dosal interviews Accelo founder Geoff McQueen on their origin story, changing the way businesses operate, and what’s it been like operating between San Francisco and Australia-based headquarters.

Key takeaways include:

  • Evolving Accelo’s business model over the last decade.
  • Transitioning to ServOps
  • What’s going on in the Service industry
  • Long-term growth plans

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Episode 43:
Turning to Traction for Growth with Rocky Johnson of McNallan Technology Solutions

Join us for this episode of the BrightGauge podcast as we speak with Rocky Johnson of McNallan Technology Solutions on using Traction to grow your business and build loyalty plus leadership in your organization.

Top episode takeaways:

  • A company 46 years in business scaling their team while staying true to what keeps customers loyal.
  • Redefining and rebranding your company.
  • Using Traction to build community, rotate leadership positions, and recognizing the capacity for change in others.
  • Building employee loyalty — “We don’t punch clocks”.
  • Data Driven Workshops make data actionable while keeping it simple.
  • Being super clear about the service you’re delivering.

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Episode 42:
Identifying Key Metrics & Settings Goals with FPA Inc.

Join us for this episode of the BrightGauge podcast as we speak with Craig Pollack of FPA Inc. on the business metrics that matter most to him, and how they’re setting goals for a stronger future.

Top episode takeaways:

  • How Craig got his start — FPA was born
  • The difference between the word client and customer
  • Their top goals as a company: building out sales and marketing
  • The balance between focusing on the numbers and customer care
  • Service dollars generated is one of their driving metrics
  • Wildly Importants Goals (WIGs for short) & Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAGs)

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Episode 41:
What’s Next? A look inside the last year at BrightGauge + Compuquip Cybersecurity

Top episode takeaways:

Part 1

  • Brian Dosal steps up as the CEO of BrightGauge as Eric Dosal transitions to CEO of their family business, Compuquip Cybersecurity.
  • The history behind Compuquip, what’s planned for growth
  • The new urgency of cybersecurity


Part 2 [skip to 28:28]

  • Where BrightGauge stands today
  • Time management and the Basecamp approach
  • How to keep up with what’s new at BrightGauge & Compuquip Cybersecurity

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