Say Hello to Public Dashboards + Gauges

Introducing a way to share KPIs and dashboards with whom you want, where you want. Embed your KPIs on public sites, or share with your internal teams. They’re your metrics, show them off.

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Anywhere and Everywhere

With Public Gauges, place your metrics on your website, support desk, in your client portals, or wherever you wish.

With Public Dashboards, share your URL with anyone you want, so they can view your KPIs with no sign-in required. 


How It Works

It’s really easy to set up. Simply mark your desired gauge as publicly viewable, and we’ll provide a short snippet of code that’ll let you insert your KPI where you want. Or, activate public sharing for any dashboard, and you'll instantly be able to send a URL out. 


What to Share

This is your time to shine! Share your stellar Average Response Time or your CSAT scores on your support page or with a prospect. Or put your client’s main KPI in their client portal. The possibilities are endless.

Show me BrightGauge in Action

 If you've got questions about Public Dashboards + Gauges or want to see a live demo, contact Sales today.

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