Show your value with Client Reporting

It has always been a challenge to easily show your clients the value you provide on a regular basis.
We solved that for you, with Automated Client Reporting in under 2 minutes.


Securely Import Your Data

Combine and Customize

Create and Publish

Here’s How It Works

Build Strong Client Relationships

Send What They Want, When They Want It

Remind Customers Why You’re Their Partner

Provide a Historical Record of Your Work

Transparency of your service builds Trust

Shann Bosnell VP of Technology, TUC Managed IT Services

"... too often the work we do is proactive and doesn't require customer involvement. BrightGauge gave us the capability of showing how that work was being performed and the time and effort we were saving our customers..."

Bob Levesque VP of Service Delivery, Thrive Networks

"I find BrightGauge invaluable as a data analysis and service management tool. We support over 200 clients and over 4,000 tickets per month and BrightGauge has enabled us to measure trends so we can address them more efficiently, as well as provide client reporting to make our service performance more transparent to our clients as well as other departments."