Use Enterprise Data Mashup Tools to Create Actionable KPIs

What’s better than data from one source? Try data from 2+ sources, all on the same gauge. It’s possible with Datasource Mashups.

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Two Datasets in a Single KPI

Let’s say you use ConnectWise Manage and SmileBack. The data mashup feature would allow you to pull in metrics from both of those tools into one seamless gauge. Essential when tracking something like Tickets Resolved and CSAT by Tech.


More Powerful Insights

Combining your datasets or datasources will allow you to gain new or more powerful insights than if you were to track each piece of data separately. Mashups make for stronger dashboards, and stronger dashboards help you make better, faster business decisions.


Tickets Resolved & Time Entered

Are the number of hours your techs billing matching up with how many tickets they're resolving? If not, it could signal lags in efficiency.


Tickets Resolved & CSAT by Tech

Is your tech resolving a high number of tickets and receiving good CSAT scores? Great, they're doing a good job of meeting client's needs.


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