BrightGauge Enterprise Plan for MSPs

Everything you need to know about the Enterprise Plan: features and goodies that'll make you sharper, more efficient, and even more scalable.

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BrightGauge Enterprise Features



2 Datasources
Connect to any two of our PSA, RMM, financial, and other datasources. Add more at any time at an extra cost.


Unlimited Viewer Licenses
Share data by assigning as many viewer licenses as you wish. They won’t be able to add or edit data.


Unlimited Dashboards and Reports
Automatically find pre-built dashboards and reports in your account or build as many as you want! There’s no limit.


We connect with ConnectWise Automate, Manage, and Sell; QuickBooks; IT Glue; Datto; Webroot; Smileback, and many more.


With all our integrations, our pre-built gauges, dashboards, and reports let you start gaining data insights immediately.


Custom Colors & Thresholds
Set performance alerts according to your preferences so you’re made aware the moment an issue arises.


Data Storage With Snapshots

Our new Snapshots feature warehouses the data your PSA won’t and automatically captures your daily, weekly, or monthly numbers on one custom chart, so you can easily make comparisons, build historical records, and identify trends over time.

Forget creating multiple gauges to monitor your data points over time. Convert your number gauges to a snapshot and watch it happen automagically.

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Datasource Mashups

With the Enterprise Plan, you can view your PSA, RMM, financial, and other metrics side by side in one seamless gauge.

It’s called datasource mashup and it makes it even easier for you to view and analyze your data, no matter what tool your metrics are coming from.

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Calculated Metrics

Most of the time, Microsoft Excel scares us, but we’ve always loved the ability to calculate formulas within that tool. So, we took that concept and brought it to our Gauge Builder.

In the Enterprise Plan, you can create simple calculations between the layers in your gauge. So, put your calculator away and let BrightGauge do the math for you.

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Public Dashboards and Gauges

Let’s say you want to show your prospective customers how quick you are to respond to tickets. Why not embed an average response time gauge right on your marketing site?

Share more data with more eyeballs without any extra effort. It’s pretty simple.

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We’ve got your back

We take great efforts to keep your data safe. Read our privacy policy and learn about our GDPR compliance.

Stuck on an issue? We’re here to help. Reach out to our Support Team at any time or use our Knowledge Base to help keep things moving.

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