Automate Reports Using Data Warehousing Tools

Introducing Snapshots, your data warehousing lite solution. With Snapshots, store the data your PSA, RMM, or other systems won't, so you can start identifying trends that matter.

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Automatic Data Records

Many of you have requested an easier way to identify trends over time. Snapshots take care of that.  

Don't worry about manually tracking and compiling your data; Snapshot gauges automatically take a daily, weekly, or monthly picture of your metrics and pin it onto a chart. After a while, you'll be able to take a look at your Snapshot and notice any patterns or issues.

It's that simple. 

historical data

Track End-of-Day Tickets

A common frustration with powerful tools like ConnectWise Manage is that some KPIs can’t be retrieved since the PSAs don’t store the data a BI tool would need. An example is Currently Open Tickets, where the end-of-day count is not stored daily, so a BI tool wouldn’t be able to report on your backlog trends. 

Enter Snapshots.


See Trending Endpoints

With an RMM tool like ConnectWise Automate, you track server patch status, disk space usage, and more. But how do you identify patterns that could make you a better service provider by helping you be proactive rather than reactive?

With Snapshots, a clear picture is painted for you.


Know Your Pipeline

Your Sales Team might spend a good deal of time trying to figure out what the pipeline is looking like. Based on past and current performance, they try and make projections that impact your MRR and your bottom line. But how can those predictions be sharper?

Snapshots show you what you need.


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