BrightGauge dashboards simplify data consumption through centralization and visualiization

BrightGauge dashboards put your most important data points in one place, so you can make faster, sharper business decisions.

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Simplify data for all stakeholders with BrightGauge dashboards

Connect your integral business tools into BrightGauge to create dashboards based on different stakeholder needs, including the ability to bring data from different sources together.

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Custom KPIs

All of our integrations come with pre-built default gauges so you can hit the ground running. Whether you're starting with a default gauge, or building one from scratch, gauges can be customized exactly how you like. Its your data - see it displayed however makes the most sense for your business.

70+ Metrics for MSPs to Measure



Snapshots is your data warehousing lite solution. With Snapshots, store data your PSA, RMM, or other systems won’t. Snapshot gauges automatically take a daily, weekly, or monthly picture of your metrics - like end-of-day ticket count - and pin it onto a chart. After a while, you’ll be able to look at your Snapshot gauge and identify any patterns or issues.

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Dashboard Versatility

Dashboards in BrightGauge help drive a culture of accountability and action internally, but dashboards can also be extended to your customers.  Share beautiful dashboards with customers to help drive customer satisfaction, retention, and business growth for both you and your customers. 


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