A BrightGauge Deep Dive

A two-part training series taking you through how to make sense of your data, share KPIs, and customize your dashboards, reports, and goal lists.

Uncovering Trends in Service Desk and Device Management

User Showcase Series: Join us and BrightGauge partner Jerry Foster, the IT Officer at Southern Bank, as he shares metrics used to track trends and manage devices efficiently, happening live on Wednesday, July 24th, at 11 am EDT (4 pm BST or 8 am PDT).

Optimizing Remote Monitoring and Client Management with Data

User Showcase Series: Join BrightGauge partner Nate Ginn, the Centralized Systems Manager at ESI Technology Advisors, as he demonstrates how their ConnectWise PSA and RMM data-powered dashboards and metrics drive actionable strategies for optimization.

Exploring the Fundamentals of the Gauge Builder

Mastering BrightGauge Series: Level up with the BrightGauge partner success team! In this webinar, the team will provide a live demo of the parent-child dashboard feature, review how to "read" the member efficiency gauge, and discuss building metrics from scratch using an invoiced product margin by product category example gauge.

Streamlining Data for Enhanced Managed Services Performance

User Showcase Series: Join BrightGauge partner Jessica Ryan, the head of Managed Services at Unitec, to get a look at their straight-forward dashboards, providing a pulse check on their managed services team performance.

Empower Action from Data with Comprehensive Dashboards

User Showcase Series: Join BrightGauge partner Jay Strickland, Principal of Strategic Solutions, a New Charter Company, as he shares dashboards touching on all areas of the business, ranging from projects to sales and service. He will also briefly touch on a client report.

Client Reporting Excellence: Transforming Data into Insight

User Showcase Series: Join Scott Kingston, the Service Delivery Manager at Spark NZ, to get a look at the reports and metrics they use to gain insights into their clients' performance. This webinar features client report templates that tap into service, projects, and client satisfaction.

Demonstrating Client Value through Dynamic Dashboards

User Showcase Series: Join Jeremy Roth, CEO & Managing Partner at S1 Technology, to learn about the dashboards they use at S1 Technology to communicate value to clients and drive new business. 

Maximizing Business Success: Unveiling the Power of Sales and Financial Dashboards

User Showcase Series: Discover how Megan Ingala, the Controller at Watchmen Security, drives their daily administrative and financial operations through dashboards focused on projects, sales, finance, and customer health.

Harnessing Metrics to Streamline Managed Services Operations

User Showcase Series: Joe Hatton, the Director of Cloud Services at Structured Communication Systems, Inc. shares the dashboards they use for every level of the Managed Services department, from leadership to management to individual technicians.

Effective Dashboards for Enhancing Client Partnerships and Efficiency

User Showcase Series: Hear from BrightGauge partner Jeremy Martinson, a technical account manager at High Point Networks, to learn about the dashboard they use for client analysis and relationship management.

Tap into your RMM Data by Creating Metrics from the Ground Up

Mastering BrightGauge Series: Join partner success as we walk through the steps to create metrics from scratch in the gauge builder. We will also review the available custom filtering options. Note: For this webinar, we'll solely use CW RMM data.

Keeping your Business Development Goals on Track with KPI Dashboards

User Showcase Series: Get a look at the vital operational and financial dashboards that Tyler Smith, the CEO and Partner of M&I Technology Consulting, utilizes to stay on top of their growth goals and service delivery practices.

Understanding your RMM Data in BrightGauge

Mastering BrightGauge Series: This training webinar  will cover the basics and best practices of filtering your dashboards and reports. We'll also review ways you can understand both your metrics and the CW RMM datasets in the gauge builder. Note: For this webinar, we'll solely use CW RMM data. 

Functional Dashboard Filters for Analyzing Team Performance

User Showcase Series: Learn how BrightGauge partner Evan Dumouchel, VP of Operations at Interlaced.io, leverages dashboards to analyze service performance and communicate results with clients

Foundational Excellence: Pricing and Packaging like the Top Performers

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Join Service Leadership Director Rob Bufano as he dives into best practices for MSP pricing and packaging. He will also discuss price increases, the pitfalls of discounting, and other considerations for adoption and future pricing and packaging changes.

Foundational Excellence: QBRs as your Scale Engine

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Peter Kujawa, VP of Service Leadership is back! Watch this webinar to learn how top performing MSPs are leveraging Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to maximize the retention and growth of their customers.

Foundational Excellence: Driving Technology Standards

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Peter Kujawa, VP of Service Leadership, reviews the operational maturity trait Driving Technology Standard and how it ties into profitability. He also shares best practices for implementing and maintaining your technology standards.

Foundational Excellence: Choosing your Target Customer Profile

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Join Peter Kujawa, VP of Service Leadership, to learn what a target customer profile is, why it's important, how you can select your TCP and how to transition existing clients.

Getting to Goal: Putting your Value Creation Strategy into Action

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Building on what Brad shared in Knowing your Value Creation Strategy, this webinar will help you understand what growth levers you control and how to operationalize your Value Creation Strategy.

Getting to Goal: Knowing your Value Creation Strategy

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Join ConnectWise's Brad Schow as he reviews how to calculate a basic value creation strategy  and shares why top performers have one.

Key to Success: Knowing your Ownership Mode

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Learn how to align your mindset with your growth goals with Brad Schow as he reviews Modes Theory and shares how you can assess your ownership mode.

Tracking your Financials the way the Top Performers Do

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Learn best practices for setting up your Chart of Accounts to optimally track and improve profitability with Service Leadership's Rob Bufano.

Making Sales Investment Decisions the way the Top Performers Do

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Join Rob Bufano as he expands on the power behind the Sales Multiple of Wages.

Making Service Profitability Decisions the way the Top Performers Do

CEO Growth & Profit Series: Join Paul Dippell, the founder of Service Leadership, as he review the Service Multiple of Wages.

Planning for 2023: Making Data-Driven Decisions

User Showcase Series: Join Joe Somerville of Network People and learn how to leverage dashboards to make data-informed decisions across several teams. This webinar will also go over best practices for showing your clients value using BrightGauge.

KPIs for Managing Profitable Projects

User Showcase Series: Review dashboards and reports designed for improving the project management flow and keeping teams aligned while remaining profitable. 

Continuous Revision as a Recipe for Operational Excellence

User Showcase Series: Tune in to hear how you can mature your processes by taking a continuous improvement approach when building and revising your dashboards and goals.

Powerful Dashboards to Grow your Sales Pipeline

User Showcase Series: Check out how to effectively  manage your sales pipeline using real-time data to power your profits.

Motivating Your Teams to Meet Company Objectives

User Showcase Series: Learn how to implement effective yet simple internal dashboards and reports and use them to motivate your teams and meet company objectives. We'll discuss how coupling this with goals for each team will create a system for steady improvement.

BrightGauge Reporting in your ITSupport247 Portal

Mastering BrightGauge Series:  Learn from the partner success team as they provide a high-level overview of the BrightGauge reporting capabilities inside of the Command and CW RMM IT Support Portal. 

Simplifying Service KPIs to Support Rapid Growth

User Showcase Series: Taking a simple KPI approach to build operational efficiencies for growth.

Customizing your Data for Improved Service Delivery

User Showcase Series: Building metrics off custom datasets to further streamline the service delivery process.

Critical KPIs Owners Track for Client Management

User Showcase Series: A client overview and leadership scorecard for owners to bolster client experience and growth initiatives.

Simple & Effective Tools for Improving Company Performance

User Showcase Series: Improve company performance by incentivizing metrics and creating easy to read action dashboards for multiple roles.

Future-Proofing your Team with Goal Setting

User Showcase Series: Drive accountability by investing in goal setting and then sharing those key performance objectives across the sales and service teams.

Designing your Key Performance Indicators to Maximize Results

Mastering BrightGauge series: Learn about gauge building best practices and get design tips & tricks to help you level up your KPIs for maximum results.

Building Key Financial Metrics that Impact your Bottom Line

User Showcase series: Give executives a quick, but thorough overview of the operational and financial KPIs that have an impact on the bottom line.

Tailoring Best Practices: Building Off of Your Daily Metrics

User Showcase series: Use dashboards to customize Support Services best practices for different work environments and roles.

Increasing Productivity Through Transparency Across Your Team

User Showcase series: Cover all of your help desk needs and team motivation with these dashboards.

Key Activities + Utilizing Dropbox for Custom Data

User Showcase series: Learn how to use Dropbox to track custom team stats and call data, plus key customer health reports.

Standardizing Service Across Multiple Teams

User Showcase series: learn how to communicate better and tackle one queue for multiple teams, setting up clients with KPIs, and following better account management practices.

The Power of Dashboards in Managing Client Relationships & Team Performance

User Showcase Series: Walk through the though process behind some of our top design tips + centralized services dashboards.

Making Sense of your Journey Towards Operational Maturity

User Showcase Series: Learn about where you stand in your business growth, and the metrics you should track.

Pushing for Accountability & Auditing your Data

User Showcase Series: See how this longtime BrightGauge users keeps their team on track and motivated.

Tracking Sales Activity with Dashboard Playlists

User Showcase Series: Learn about tracking revenue, opportunities, and associated data entry best practices.

Tracking Individual Tech & Project Progress with Dashboards and Reports

User Showcase Series: Watch to see how this partner has set up dashboards for their managers, team pods, techs, and clients.

Best Practices for BrightGauge Naming Conventions

User Showcase Series: Set naming conventions and a baseline expectations to keep the whole team focused on the right work.

Keeping your MSP Reliable with Daily Micro Goals

User Showcase series: Reviews how Doberman Technologies maintains organized chaos through discreet actions and continuous monitoring of their goal markers.

Tracking Critical NOC KPIs Across Your MSP

User Showcase series: See how this NOC team stays on top of critical alerts while keeping the rest of the company in the loop.

Best Practices for Organization and Account Cleanup

Mastering BrightGauge series: Learn how to better manage your BrightGauge.

Covering Customer Touchpoints with Reports

User Showcase Series: From acquisition to quarterly check-ins, see how this BrightGauge user sets up his reports.

What's New with Autotask in BrightGauge

Mastering BrightGauge series: See what's new and available with your Autotask datasaource.

Starting a Service Library with Public Gauges

User Showcase Series: Learn about creating a service library using the ITIL framework and public gauges.

Getting Familiar with the Gauge Builder

Mastering BrightGauge series: Learn the ins and outs of working in the Gauge Builder to customize your KPIs.

Setting Goals for Your Team

User Showcase Series: Learn how to create and manage goals for the entire team.

Tracking Trends with BrightGauge Gauge Snapshots

Learn how to set up snapshot gauges for you and your team.

Guiding your Service Team with Proactive & Reactive KPIs

User Showcase Series: Setting up dashboards and goal lists for your service management.

Building Transparency Into Your Business

Join IT Glue and BrightGauge as they examine how you can promote greater transparency within your organization.

BrightGauge is Now Part of the Continuum Family!

Learn about the Continuum-BrightGauge acquisition and see what the Continuum integration looks like.

Best Practices of Working and Tracking in Real-Time

How to use MSP time tracking to help move your business to the next stage with measurable results.

Unlock the Power of Your Data for Success

Learn how to harness our newest business intelligence features to track your way to success in the new year.

Tips on Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Learn the tips and tricks to use when Identifying Your Ideal Customer.

In Service to The Team: A Modern Approach to Team Management

Practices that can save you time and stress, increase morale, and keep people engaged.

7 Lessons from Starting, Scaling & Selling My MSP

When it comes to our customers asking us for business advice, we often get questions about how to set up a company for growth.

Best Practices on Data Driven Growth

BrightGauge co-founder Eric Dosal talks how to leverage data to align your team and achieve your goals.

Managing Productivity of a Service Team

We look at specific reports, metrics, and management approaches used to lead a successful Service Team.

Dashboard Best Practices

Tips and tricks for designing powerful BrightGauge dashboards, managing by exception, and more!

Service Management Best Practices

A BrightGauge tour of leveraging dashboards to drive team efficiency.

How a Power User Manages Sales

How Shann Bosnell and his team use their data everyday to help grow and manage the business.

MSP Marketing Techniques

Learn about easy, yet proven ways to drive leads for your business and get ready to take your marketing to the next level.

Stages of MSP Maturity

Learn how to scale your MSP business to maturity.

Client Reporting Best Practices

Learn how being transparent with customers and sharing everything that has happened (the good and the bad) can make a better partnership.

How Investing in Customer Success Drove our MSP Growth

Learn more about the processes and procedures co-founder Eric Dosal put in place to grow his MSP 10x in 5 years.

How We Grew Our MSP 10X in 5 Years

How to increase your closure rates and unlock growth at your MSP by using key sales metrics and simplifying your contracts!

Establishing & Managing Your Key Performance Indicators for MSPs

Measuring KPIs is essential for business leaders to understand what is happening in their business.

Increasing Efficiency & Profitability

Learn about optimizing service processes to increase profitability and how having a plan in place will keep your MSP on track.

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