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Introducing Snapshots, your data warehousing lite solution. With Snapshots, store the data your PSA, RMM, or other systems won't, so you can start identifying trends that matter. Now available in your BrightGauge.

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  • Time Today by Tech
  • Customers Updated
  • Tickets Open
  • Tickets Overdue

202 default metrics

  • Server Patch Status
  • Workstations AV Protection Status
  • Workstation Patch Status
  • Servers

50 default metrics

  • Count of Quotes by Status
  • Count of Quotes by Year
  • Gross Margin Amount by Quote Status
  • Quotes

12 default metrics

  • Agent Statistics
  • Device Statistics
  • Agents in Backup Error
  • Devices Out of Communication

16 default metrics

  • Revenue by Month
  • Net Profit Performance by Month
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Summary
  • Cash Balance

35 default metrics

  • Revenue by Month
  • Net Profit Performance by Month
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Summary
  • Cash Balance

35 default metrics

  • Open Tickets
  • Opened Today
  • Resolved Today
  • Tickets Opened by Issue Type

130 default metrics

  • Backup Quotas
  • Backup Space Per Repository
  • Jobs by Status
  • Repository Errors

11 Default Metrics

  • Configuration By Warranty Status
  • User Reputation
  • Configurations Expiring Next 30 Days
  • Configurations Expired

42 default metrics

  • Revenue by Account - Last Month
  • Balance of Outstanding Invoices
  • Bank Current Balance
  • Invoice Revenue This Week

42 default metrics

  • Computers - Operating Systems in Use
  • Count of Devices by Model
  • Licensed Softwares
  • MacBook Pro

30 default metrics

  • Net CSAT Score
  • CSAT Per Resource
  • Total Reactions
  • Days Since Last Negative Reaction

33 default metrics

  • Machines
  • Machines by OSX Version
  • Machines With Expired Warranty
  • Machines with 90% Disk Used

38 default metrics

  • Servers by OS
  • Out of Contact Machines
  • Workstations
  • Machines on XP

29 default metrics

  • Tickets Currently Open
  • Tickets Opened Last Month
  • Open vs. Closed Tickets - Trailing 30 Days
  • Opened Today

127 default metrics

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Mac Machines
  • Disk % By Server

54 default metrics

  • Max round trip time by group
  • Devices by group
  • Devices Over 80% Memory
  • Devices Not Updated in 14 Days

19 default metrics

  • Open projects
  • Open tickets
  • Unassigned tasks
  • Past due tickets

87 default metrics

  • Opened vs. Closed Tickets
  • Service Summary
  • Most Active Users
  • Tickets Opened by Type

145 default metrics

  • Closed Opps by Type
  • New Business Won
  • Opps Won
  • Converted Leads YTD

63 default metrics

  • Calls Today by Technician
  • Machines with Active Contracts
  • Active Dispatches
  • Call Efficiency - MTD

72 default metrics

  • Daily Overview
  • Devices in Failed Status
  • Devices in Warning Status
  • Total Number of Backup Jobs

15 default metrics

  • Active Threats - Last Week
  • Attention Required
  • Infection Status - Last Week
  • Realtime Shield Status

21 default metrics

  • Contacts Created This Week
  • Contacts Created Last Week
  • Active & Completed Contacts by Campaign
  • Emails Sent This Week

51 default metrics

  • Average Satisfaction Score - Last 30 Days
  • Open - Client
  • Unsolved by Status
  • Solved Today

54 default metrics

  • Stale Systems
  • Servers Offline
  • Server Patch Status
  • Workstation Patch Status

37 default metrics

  • Average Temperature
  • Satisfaction Ratings by Temperature
  • Responses This Week
  • Comments This Week

37 default metrics

  • Server Patch Status
  • Servers
  • Workstation Patch Status
  • Workstations

31 default metrics

  • Managed Servers
  • Server AV Status
  • Server Disk Space Usage
  • Workstation AV Status

37 default metrics

  • Hours Worked by Day - Last 30 Days
  • Open Tasks by Priority
  • Tasks Met SLA - Current Month
  • Tasks Opened v. Closed - Last 30 Days

17 Default Metrics

  • Average CSAT Per Employee - Current Month
  • Client Response Summary
  • Response Score Summary
  • Unsatisfactory Scores (Less Than 5) - Current Month

22 default metrics

  • Call Logs by Member - Current Week
  • Call Logs by Result - Current Week
  • Currently Available Agents - Details
  • Total Calls per Extension Per Day - Current Week 

12 default metrics 

  • Unresolved Tickets
  • Tickets Resolved Today
  • Unassigned Tickets
  • Pending Tickets

74 default metrics

  • Open projects
  • Stale projects
  • Hours vs Budget
  • Project Hours

29 default metrics

  • % Vendor Credit Limit
  • Month-to-date billings revenue
  • AR Aging by bucket past due
  • Bookings by Sales Person MTD

53 default metrics

  • Average survey rating
  • Average rating percentage
  • CSAT percentage
  • Surveys today

46 default metrics

  • Device Details
  • Entity Audits by Week
  • Offline Servers
  • Scan Status by Network Type

20 default metrics 

Upload your .CSV to Dropbox and BrightGauge will visualize that data

  • Server Disk Space Used
  • Server Inventory
  • Servers Offline
  • Workstation Warranty Expiration Year

11 Default Metrics

Do you want to connect to a mySQL database?  Great!  BrightGauge has that ability.

Do you need to connect to a SQL Server?  Great!  BrightGauge can connect.

Using GitHub as your version control system?  Awesome, we work with that!

Do you want to connect to a PostgreSQL database?  Great!  BrightGauge has that ability.

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With BrightGauge, I can very easily access my data and manipulate the charts to look exactly the way I want them to, along with the client facing reports we send on a regular basis

We are always impressed with the tool you provide, the people that support it, and the integrations you build. Cheers to your amazing team and thank you for being a trusted partner.”

...we now have the ability to see how Techs are interacting with the tools we provide them. With a quick glance at any TV in our office, it’s easy to monitor progress towards our goals...

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