IT Glue

User Metrics & Configuration Insights

With IT Glue + BrightGauge, it’s effortless to track and manage all your documentation updates, by user or by organization. A custom IT Glue dashboard lets you monitor all your data at a glance, IT Glue Reporting provides an effortless way to share your metrics internally or with your clients, and IT Glue Scorecards help you drive accountability from the top down to each team member.

IT Glue Dashboard

Keep a complete view of your business by combining data from your IT Glue, PSA, RMM, financials, and more, in one dashboard. By eliminating the data silo of information spread across multiple platforms, it’s no sweat to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks!



Client Reporting

Transparency earns trust. That’s why you should be sending regular reports to all of your clients, showing them the work you’re doing and value of the services you provide. With BrightGauge Executive Reporting templates, it’s easy to create a custom report for each client, and send automatic updates with the info they want to see, when they want to see it.



IT Glue Scorecards

Information is power when it comes to your team being held accountable for their work. By setting a goal for each person, and using a scorecard to give them real-time updates on their progress, they can quickly make informed decisions about which task to focus on next. There’s no easier way to drive more efficiency and productivity from your team!



See What Our Customers Are Saying

" With the IT Glue and BrightGauge integration, we now have the ability to see how our Techs are interacting with the tools we provide them. With a quick glance at any of the TVs in our office, it’s easy to monitor each person’s progress towards our documentation goals, and we can coach or congratulate them based on their performance. "


Ron Harris

CTO | Omega Computer Services