Manage your quotes and proposals with the power of BrightGauge + ConnectWise CPQ (formerly ConnectWise Sell).

Stay on top of the quotes you send out

Obtaining new business is a crucial task but it can be time-consuming. By integrating BrightGauge with ConnectWise CPQ, the whole process becomes streamlined and a lot more manageable. Get complete visibility into the status of your quotes and proposals so you can get new customers on board faster.

Real-Time Dashboards

Even if you’re the most organized person, it can be tricky to stay on top of how many quotes you’ve sent out, what the responses have been, and your gross margin from those quotes. With BrightGauge dashboards that sync in real-time, you’ll always have visibility into the status of your sales processes.

Custom Reports

Keeping your sales team aligned is pretty critical, especially when you’re trying to close new business. Sending internal reports ensures that everyone is focused on the right activity and goal. BrightGauge makes it easy to set up and automatically send custom reports to the people you want on the date and time you choose.

ConnectWise CPQ Default Gauges

We always want you to have instant access to your data, so as soon as you integrate with ConnectWise, you’ll get 12 pre-built gauges, automatically available in your account.

What’s ConnectWise CPQ?

ConnectWise CPQ is a cloud-based tool that automates and streamlines your quoting, procurement, and service delivery process.  ConnectWise CPQ gives you the ability to import Bill of Material docs, source products through deep integrations, receive customer approvals via e-signature, update your CRM automatically, and much more.

Connect your data

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