Valuable Business Insights from Tigerpaw

BrightGauge enables you to turn your key business data from Tigerpaw into meaningful business insights by leveraging our advanced business intelligence platform. We help you securely connect to your data, customize it, and then visualize and share with your team. Once you’ve integrated Tigerpaw with our easy to use platform you will immediately get access to best practice metrics, dashboards and reports proven to help our customers make better decisions, faster.

  • Real Time Service Team Management

    Keep everyone on the same page about how the team is performing and better understand the issues they are facing across your customer base. With the BrightGauge dashboards you can quickly determine what areas
    of your business need attention and why.

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  • Showing Your Clients The Value You Provide

    Get away from trying to justify the time spent on your clients and start showing them the value you provide. With our Client Reporting feature you can set up automatically generated reports to be sent to your client customized to their needs. If they want more real time view into their performance you can set up a Client Dashboard for them to log into.

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  • All Your Data In One Place

    BrightGauge allows you to combine your Tigerpaw data along with your RMM and Financial data for truly meaningful insights into your business. This simplifies the resources required to manage all your data and provides a single holistic view across your data sources.

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  • Team Metrics & KPIs

    BrightGauge empowers it’s users by making it very easy to build out dashboard or reports on the fly to help collaborate with your team. By leveraging our Internal Metric and KPI reporting you can ensure all team members are kept in the loop with the latest developments.

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See What Our Tigerpaw Customers Are Saying

“BrightGauge has been a game changer for NetrixIT. By implementing the BrightGauge dashboard in our Technical Assistance Center we have driven our SLA from 88% to 95% across our client base. The setup was very simple and within the first hour we had live time data being displayed to our techs.

At the same time, BrightGauge reporting has given us the ability to report to our clients with daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots of our teams success.  This has created clarity and accountability for our clients and staff.”

Nick Olerud

Director of Technology, NetrixIT