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See your survey reviews so you can act on them more quickly

These days, word of mouth may be more important than ever before. The truth is, customers read reviews and take them into account before deciding who to do business with. BizRatings is the CSAT tool that provides you with online survey solutions, so you can get your customer’s feedback ASAP. When paired with BrightGauge, you get an organized view of your CSAT scores, so you can take corrective action when needed.

Real-Time Dashboards

BrightGauge + BizRatings dashboards update in real-time, so you’re always looking at fresh scores and data. You’ll see unsatisfactory and outstanding scores, ticket summaries, a quarterly overview of responses, scores by engineer, and more.

Custom Reports

We love custom reports because they’re a great way to show transparency and build trust between you and your team, or you and your clients. In just a few steps, BrightGauge makes it easy to set up and automatically send custom reports to the people you want on the date and time you choose. With BizRatings reports, you may want to keep your team in the loop on how well they are scoring week to week or month to month.

Default BizRatings Gauges

We know it’s important that you get access to your data ASAP, which is why you’ll find pre-built gauges in your account with mostly every datasource we have available. With BizRatings, you’ll get 22 default gauges as soon as you connect.

Why Choose BizRatings?

BizRatings’ mission is to help business promote their awesome reputation across the web by providing unique survey tools that ask customers directly for online reviews. BizRatings reviews are indexed by top search engines to help spread the word.

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