Track your project management data with the power of BrightGauge + Basecamp.

Get insights into your projects metrics so you can track progress

If you’re like us, you use Basecamp to manage your projects, assignments, and communications (so much better than email!). With the BrightGauge + Basecamp integration, you can get insights into your Basecamp activity to better understand how it’s being used and what everyone is up to.

Real-Time Dashboards

BrightGauge + Basecamp dashboards update in real-time, so you’re always looking at fresh info. You’ll see data like total completed to-dos, open to-dos, number of comments, open to-dos overview, projects overview, and more.

Internal Reports

Reports are a great way to show transparency and build trust between you and your team members. In just a few steps, BrightGauge makes it easy to set up and automatically send internal reports to the people you want on the date and time you choose. With Basecamp reports, you may want to keep your team in the loop on to-dos and project overview data.

Default Basecamp Gauges

We know it’s important that you get access to your data ASAP, which is why you’ll find pre-built gauges in your account with mostly every datasource we have available. With Basecamp, you’ll get 15 default gauges as soon as you connect.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp aims to make it easier to do your work by eliminating miscommunication that happens as a result of stuff scattered across emails, chats, docs, etc. In Basecamp, all project details live in one place, so communication and teamwork is a lot more seamless.

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