SmileBack + BrightGauge = Instant Customer Feedback

BrightGauge helps you monitor customer survey responses in real time, and identify issues immediately, because satisfied customers are the key to becoming promoters of your business.

Unleash the Power of your Customer Feedback

Simple survey means more responses

Low response rates are typically the most-common problem with bulky client surveys; SmileBack changes that with a quick solution that’s easy to use.


Help turn customers into promoters

With instant notifications, addressing customer problems has never been faster – and keeping customers happy means more chance of positive referrals.

Customer satisfaction increases loyalty

When customers are content, they aren’t looking for a new Service Provider. This helps reduce churn, which is key for any MSP business!


Learn how to identify your ideal customers

Whether they’re your best match or your worst, tracking customer feedback will help you identify which types of companies your MSP should focus on.

Identify training topics to improve team’s performance

Customer impressions will quickly shape your team’s effectiveness and performance by highlighting the topics that they need extra practice with.


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SmileBack Survey Metrics Bring Valuable Context To All Your Service Data



SmileBack Dashboard

" BrightGauge has become a critical tool for FSN’s daily operations.  Our large display panels show BrightGauge data all day long to our entire team.  Specifically, by using BrightGauge our team members get immediate team-wide recognition via SmileBack's feedback platform.   We also can identify yellow or red responses and contact the client immediately to remediate issues.  We have begun to better understand our KPIs and, most importantly, each team member is on the same page knowing how to be efficient and productive. "

Dan Saxby Vice President, Client Services | Full Service Networking