Clear communication between an MSP and their clients is crucial not only for managing expectations but also for reinforcing the value of the services provided. This Executive Dashboard, shared by Joe Hatton, the Director of Cloud Services at Structured Communication System, is designed to provide clients with a one-stop shop for ticket and device management. It also empowers clients with the knowledge they need to pulse-check their organization's technical health at any time.

Structured Communication System uses the parent-child dashboard feature in BrightGauge to quickly and consistently roll out a new client dashboard per client during the onboarding phase. While the subset of services can vary slightly, by having a few parent templates ready to use, you can begin showing the value of your services immediately to new clients.

Among the shared key metrics are open and stale tickets, missing patches, supported devices, and server utilization percentages. These metrics encompass data from both ConnectWise PSA and ConnectWise RMM and are presented in a single pan of glass.


Recreate this Dashboard in your BrightGauge account:

Client-Facing Executive Dashboard -  view here.
Oct DoTM


Want to see more of Structured Communication Systems' work? Joe has been featured in our October showcase webinar on Harnessing Metrics to Streamline Managed Service Operations.  Tune in to hear peer advice, and to get a peek at a few of their other team and individual dashboards.

Thanks again, Joe, for collaborating with us and for sharing some of the ways you and your teams have been able to use BrightGauge to drive data-informed decision-making at Structured Communication Systems.
Make sure to visit our library of more report and dashboard templates and please feel free to reach out to with any questions! 


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