We’re excited to welcome Cassandra Lutz to the team as a Customer Support Specialist! Join us in learning more about the newest member of our growing BrightGauge family. 


In the beginning


Brooklyn in the house! 


While most of us BrightGauge folk hail from Florida, Cassie comes to us from New York! She was born and raised in Brooklyn and spent her teenage years living in the Poconos. Eventually, Cassie made her way down to the Sunshine State. In her words, Cassie has earned her Florida stripes by "surviving hurricanes, ungodly humidity, severe sunburns, and general 'Florida crazy'". If you know, you know. 


Cassie entered the world of MSP support in 2015, joining the ConnectWise team. In that role, she discovered a love for helping partners solve puzzles, making her feel like her own version of Sherlock Holmes (who she believes should be classified as a Superhero). 


Joining BrightGauge


With BrightGauge and ConnectWise becoming one, Cassie was given the opportunity to join our Customer Support team. Here, she's looking forward to broadening her knowledge with SQL and working with a team that is expanding and leaving its imprint across many platforms. 


She'd like to play a role in contributing to the growth of BrightGauge while still being able to enjoy the thrill of solving whatever puzzles partners will be throwing her way. 


Out of office


Cassandra Lutz


Cassie's tribe consists of two teenage sons, a Husky, a tiny Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix, and a NYC deli cat who also thinks he is a dog. She loves spending time with all of her "hooligans" and will tell you all about them if you let her!


When she can, Cassie loves hiking, paddle-boarding, painting crummy pictures, and enjoying live music, escape rooms and board games!


We're so thrilled to have Cassie - and her amazing sense of humor - on the team!

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