As MSPs navigate the dynamic world of IT services, utilizing data in Quarterly Business Reviews becomes crucial for steering discussions towards providing personalized value and fostering enduring client connections. Integrating a real-time data dashboard into your meetings not only fosters trust but also promptly showcases your company's worth to clients.

For April's Dashboard of the Month, we are highlighting an Executive Business Review Dashboard that offers a high-level overview of key performance metrics and trends that can be shared with your customers. This dashboard was crafted following a discussion with Jeremy Roth, the CEO and managing partner at S1 Technology, during February's user showcase webinar Demonstrating Client Value through Dynamic Dashboards.
Jeremy and his team at SI Technology have successfully utilized this Executive Business Review dashboard to enhance their data-driven decision-making processes with clients. By using the parent-child dashboard feature in BrightGauge, they are able to roll out and manage dozens of client dashboards seamlessly, creating a culture of transparency and accountability.

The Parent-Child Dashboard feature in BrightGauge simplifies the process of creating multiple client dashboards while maintaining consistency across all of them. In this particular case, the Executive Business Review Dashboard acts as the parent dashboard template. Any changes made to the parent dashboard will automatically cascade down to the attached child dashboards, ensuring uniformity throughout.
 Executive Business Review Dashboard - view here.

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Here are some featured metrics:
  • Ticketing Information - This section provides a high-level overview of support interactions throughout the quarter, shedding light on ticket volume, what types of tickets are being opened, who is opening tickets. The drill downs (not showcased on the public dashboard) provide details on each ticket's resolution efficiency.
  • SLA Trends -  Service Level Agreements are critical benchmarks for measuring service quality.  The SLA Trends section analyzes adherence to their agreements, highlight areas of success and potential improvement. 
  • Managed Devices - Managing devices data is central to ensuring operational efficiency and security.  This segment of the dashboards offers insights into device inventory, performance metrics, and patch compliance statuses.

Thank you, Jeremy, for collaborating with us and sharing these great metrics!


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