Understanding your customers' needs and being proactive in addressing them is the cornerstone of successful customer care. By staying ahead of expectations and actively engaging with your customers, you not only meet their immediate needs, but also position yourself as a trusted partner in their long-term success. This Customer Care Dashboard, shared by Megan Ingala, the Controller at Watchmen Security Services, is crafted to offer an insightful perspective on your customers' metrics, empowering you to take a proactive approach to delivering exceptional services.

Watchmen Security Services uses the filters feature in BrightGauge to quickly filter their dashboards by client to easily see their current metrics. Filters can also be effectively employed to refine searches, allowing for the targeted exclusion of boards and ticket owners.

Within the set of common key metrics, you'll find insights such as the average age of tickets, the ratio of opened to closed tickets, member efficiency, non-billable hours, weekly invoicing, and attrition.  These metrics are exclusively derived from the ConnectWise PSA platform.


Recreate this Dashboard in your BrightGauge account:


Customer Care Dashboard -  view here. 
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Want to see more of Watchmen Security Services' work? Megan has been featured in our November showcase webinar oMaximizing Business Success: Unveiling the Power of Sales and Financial Dashboards.  Tune in to gain valuable insights from peers, offering advice and a glimpse into a selection of their team and individual dashboards. 
Thanks again, Megan, for collaborating with us and for sharing some of the ways you and your teams have been able to use BrightGauge to drive data-informed decision-making at Watchmen Security Services. 
Make sure to visit our library of more report and dashboard templates and please feel free to reach out to with any questions! 


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