Use meaningful insights to drive business actions with the power of BrightGauge and SolarWinds MSP RMM.

Analyze your remote monitoring & management metrics

If you’re using SolarWinds MSP RMM to manage your IT networks, BrightGauge can help you get the most out of your data. BrightGauge converts your RMM metrics into powerful business insights that help you meet your most important KPIs.

Real-Time Dashboards

Only you can determine the metrics that matter most to you. Whether you’re tracking network and patch status, system configurations, or ticketing, BrightGauge dashboards make it simple to view your real-time data all in one place. Identify worrisome issues early on so you can take proactive measures and prevent anything from falling through the cracks.

Client Reporting

Avoid clients asking the much-dreaded, "Why am I paying you?". Build trust and transparency by regularly sending Client Reports, covering the metrics that matter most. With BrightGauge, it's easy to create custom, interactive reports and schedule them to go out exactly when you want.

Default SolarWinds MSP Gauges

We’ve listened to customers like you to determine which metrics matter most to your business, so when you open a BrightGauge account, you’ll find 27 pre-built gauges automatically available to you. It’s easy to start tracking your data immediately.

What is SolarWinds MSP RMM?

SolarWinds MSP RMM automates tasks so you can handle diverse, complex network environments, and it does so simply. You can customize your experience to maximize your efficiency. SolarWinds MSP RMM allows you to: 

Connect your data

Most popular integrations to combine with Solarwinds MSP RMM

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