Actionable Service Insights

With Zendesk + BrightGauge, it’s easier than ever to track and manage your service team and customer satisfaction in real time. Our custom Zendesk Dashboard lets you monitor your data at a glance, Zendesk Reporting makes it simple to share your metrics with your team or your clients, and Zendesk Scorecards measure your team’s performance towards achieving their goals.

Crush your Service KPIs with Zendesk Dashboards, Reporting and Scorecards

Zendesk Dashboard

It’s not enough to track your customer support stats weekly or even daily. If you’re serious about providing your customers with the experience they deserve, you need to turn loads of data into an action plan immediately. That’s why BrightGauge makes it easy to view your service ticket KPIs in real-time on a Zendesk Dashboard.


Zendesk Reporting

Client Reporting

When it comes to showing your clients the value of the services you provide, there’s no better solution than a regular executive report, sent right to their inbox. Keep those ticket resolutions and response times at the top of their mind, and stay ahead of any questions about why your bill is the price it is. It’s like giving an itemized receipt at the end of a meal.



Internal Reporting

What if you had a tool that could help reduce or even eliminate some of those team meetings? Make it happen with internal reports that combine your Zendesk metrics and all your other data into a complete narrative. With Zendesk reporting, you’ll get ticket trends, feedback scores, response times,  infrastructure health, financials, and anything else in one spot. There’s nothing left to talk about in a meeting!


Zendesk Scorecards

Assigning a KPI to each member of your service team is a game changer when it comes to holding them accountable for their results. When each person can clearly see their contribution to the team, your Service goals will be achieved faster than ever before.



See What Our Customers Are Saying

" We are pumped to be using BrightGauge’s Zendesk integration just for the simple fact that all of our information is available throughout our office. I don’t have to login to Zendesk to see what’s going on with my business. The dashboards are up and rotating all day, it’s the first thing on and the last thing off at the end of the day. The team over at BrightGauge was amazing in helping us setup the gauges and responsive when we had issues. Top Notch! "


Ron Harris

CTO | Omega Computer Services