Kaseya BMS

Total Business Management Insights

With Kaseya BMS data in your BrightGauge, it’s effortless to manage all aspects of your business in one place. Kaseya BMS dashboards help you monitor all your most important data in real time, Kaseya BMS reporting keeps your team and clients updated on your most important metrics, and Kaseya BMS scorecards help to hold your team accountable for their work.


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Take charge of your professional services data with Kaseya BMS dashboards, reporting, and scorecards

Kaseya BMS Dashboard

Leveraging a real time dashboard always keeps everyone on your team on the same page, when it comes to the most time-sensitive data you’re tracking. Plus, a BrightGauge dashboard gives you the ability to combine your Kaseya BMS data along with your RMM data, financial data, CSAT scores, and more into one place for a single view of all the metrics that run your business.



Client Reporting

Get started with an Executive Report template, then customize and automate for each client based on the info they want to see, when they want to see it. There’s no easier way to show your clients the solutions you’re providing, and the value of your work!



Internal Reporting

Not all of your metrics need to be monitored in real time on a dashboard, but your team does need transparency and regular updates on KPIs across the business. By sending internal reports, you can keep your team informed about a wider range of data and reduce or even eliminate the need for some of your team meetings.



Kaseya BMS Scorecards

Assigning a KPI to each of your team members and having them own the results will not only revolutionize the way you see your business, but more importantly will transform how each team member feels about their role and contribution. Keep each team member aligned and working towards the same big-picture goals by tracking their progress on a scorecard.