Keep track of and automate your backups with the power of BrightGauge and Backup Radar.

Never miss a backup notification

As an MSP, backups are part of your daily tasks. Your clients rely on you to keep their systems adequately monitored and managed and you don’t want to let them down. While manually checking backups can work, human error can cause something to be missed. Backup Radar connects with your email so you automatically get notified about 100% of your backups, 100% of the time. Plus, with BrightGauge dashboards, you can see the status of your backups in real-time.

Real-Time Dashboards

See which of your backups have completed and which have failed when you track Backup Radar through BrightGauge dashboards. Avoid errors that can cost you an important client relationship by maintaining visibility of tasks that matter. Dashboards update in real-time and performance alerts tell your team which tasks need immediate attention, so you can stay productive and efficient.

Executive Client Reports

Your clients trust you to keep their systems running properly and you should build upon that trust by remaining as transparent as possible. Client Reports help you do that because they allow you to report on important metrics without manipulating numbers or fluffing up your data. With BrightGauge, you can create custom reports and set them to automatically go to your clients on the date and time you choose!

Default Backup Radar Gauges

We’ve talked to a lot of business owners like you to discover which KPIs matter most to you and have pre-built 15 Backup Radar gauges that are automatically available to you as soon as you open a BrightGauge account. Start tracking your backups right away.

What is Backup Radar?

Backup Radar is a backup monitoring portal that automates your backup notifications so you can rest easy, knowing you won’t let something slip through the cracks. It works by connecting to your backup software and then emailing your success or failure results based on parameters you set (i.e., failure thresholds). In addition to activating your backups, with Backup Radar you can:

Connect your data

Popular integrations to combine with Backup Radar:

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