A better way to manage your entire network infrastructure brought to you by the power of BrightGauge + Auvik.

Keep your client’s networks running efficiently

A disruption in network service means a disruption in business, and nobody wants that. Auvik is the Network Monitoring & Management (NMM) tool that makes it a lot simpler to manage your client’s networks and keep their business operations running smoothly. Together with BrightGauge, this integration gives you the visibility needed to stay ahead of any network issues.

Real-Time Dashboards

BrightGauge + Auvik dashboards show you everything going on with your client’s networks in real time so issues can be stopped in their tracks, before your client even knows about them. Alerts plus all your data on a single pane of glass means troubleshooting becomes way more effective and efficient.

Custom Reports

Your clients being able to run their business without worrying about their networks is priceless. Show them the value you’re bringing to their operations by consistently sending executive reports, showing how you’re meeting your SLA points. BrightGauge makes it easy to set up and automatically send custom reports to the people you want on the date and time you choose.

Default Auvik Gauges

With something as important as network details, you need access to your data ASAP. As soon as you integrate with Auvik, you’ll find 20 pre-built gauges, automatically available in your account.

Why Choose Auvik?

Auvik is an efficient and profitable way for MSPs to manage network infrastructure by providing visibility for network devices and notifications for events, usage, and health stats. Auvik also provides pertinent backup information and remote management capabilities.

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