With BrightGauge Goals, it’s easy to hit your growth targets

If you measure it, you will improve! By assigning KPIs for each team member and keeping them updated on how they are trending towards their goals, it’s easy to see if they are on track or need improvement in order to reach their big-picture target. Holding your team accountable for their results has never been this easy!

Need Inspiration ?

Get started with peer-approved goals.

Choosing goals for your team can be daunting. That’s where Goal Inspiration comes in – curated from the real world goals adopted by BrightGauge power users. Pick the goal that best suits your business, edit as needed, and start monitoring your team’s goal progress!

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Everything you need for a complete business view

It takes more than goal tracking to fully manage your business.

Business Analytics

Customizable Charts, Dashboards, Reporting, and Benchmarking.

Client Reporting

Combine, Automate, and make your reports beautiful.

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