The Brighter the Gauge, the Clearer the Vision.

We take security seriously

Privacy & Security

Physical Security

BrightGauge infrastructure is hosted in a state of the art data center featuring keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocol and 24/7 manned security interior and exterior surveillance.

Data Center Uptime

Our infrastructure sits in a first class data center that provides uninterruptible power supply for all servers, N+1 redundant UPS power subsystem with instantaneous failover and N+1 redundant HVAC ensure our equipment is always accessible.

Infrastructure & Network Security

With our infrastructure in a Virtual Private Cloud (with a small subset of servers in the public cloud) we leverage the resources at AWS to keep us monitored and secure. Additionally, our equipment is being protected by leading edge firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

BrightGauge Agent

We developed our own Agent that customers download and install anywhere on their internal network. This agent exists to do two things: 1) take SQL queries from BrightGauge and query the database locally to grab data quickly and 2) encrypt that data and send back to BrightGauge.

Data In Transit

BrightGauge connects to on premises systems via SSL tunnel with 2048 bit RSA encryption. The lightweight agent only passes queries and encrypted data.

Data We Access

The SQL queries being sent to the agent (and therefore database) are purely up to the customer. Customers can chose to leverage our default datasets that refresh data on a regular interval and because of that refresh, data is never stored on BrightGauge servers for more than that pre-set time interval.