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Being able to glance at a board and know where we need to focus our attention at a single glance is fantastic. Addigy itself brings back so much useful information, and having a single place, especially for our service managers, to see what we need to update in our technology scorecards with our clients just became a whole lot easier.

With the IT Glue and BrightGauge integration, we now have the ability to see how our Techs are interacting with the tools we provide them. With a quick glance at any of the TVs in our office, it’s easy to monitor each person’s progress towards our documentation goals, and we can coach or congratulate them based on their performance.

BrightGauge makes it possible to stay closely connected to the key numbers that we use to run our business, every hour of every day. Our team gets the feedback we need to know if we are working effectively and we can react if we are off track, as a company or as individuals.

Any Harvest user should use BrightGauge. It’s a no-brainer. The access to the data that BrightGauge provides is leaps and bounds above anything else we have seen.

… too often the work we do is proactive and doesn’t require customer involvement. BrightGauge gave us the capability of showing how that work was being performed and the time and effort we were saving our customers…

The data that sits in my ConnectWise database is a gold mine, but getting to it has been another story. With BrightGauge, I can very easily access my data and manipulate the charts to look exactly the way I want them to, along with the client facing reports we send on a regular basis.

As Robin often mentions, Pearson’s Law states: “That which is measured, improves. That which is measured and reported on, improves exponentially.” I don’t know of a better real time reporting tool, than BrightGauge. We use BrightGauge for internal financial performance and service delivery reporting, as well as client facing reporting so our clients can see, in real time, how we’re doing.

BrightGauge has been a huge asset to our organization! The ability to pull strategic information from Tigerpaw into a live gauge tracking our customer service delivery, as well as the performance of our Sales and Technical teams has reduced our costs because we no longer have to look for the information or pull historical reports. Our team’s performance has also improved because we are able to give them benchmarks to strive for, which promotes a bit of competition.

After testing several products BrightGauge has fulfilled all of my requirements and I now have a complete view of critical data in front of me. By leveraging BrightGauge to visualize my Tigerpaw and Kaseya data I am able to save time and improve my operations with great ease. Their pre-built templates made it very easy to get started and their team is always available quickly to assist. I have been extremely satisfied with the product and the team at BrightGauge. I highly recommend BrightGauge.

Since getting started with BrightGauge, we’ve seen a cultural change within the company when it comes to the team’s accountability. No one can miss our high priority, new, and client-responded ConnectWise tickets because they are highlighted on the BrightGauge dashboard, and response times have speeded up significantly. Now that all outstanding tickets are displayed on a dashboard where everyone can view them, even straggler issues and documentation get completed. In addition, clients and prospects who visit our office are impressed to see our metrics on display.

I ask managers and owners the same question all the time: Which type of leader do you want to be? The leader making decisions based on what’s happened, what’s happening, or both? The first one combs through a dozen or so month-end or year-end reports and tries to solve yesterday’s problems today. The second one is a reactive leader instead of a proactive one. The third one is the evolved leader. The one that uses BrightGauge to coalesce historical and current information into a single pane of glass; the one that has actionable metrics that are easy to explain and understand; the one that makes timely and relevant decisions based on accurate information. Believe me, this is the leader you want to be. And these leaders use BrightGauge.

There have only been a handful of situations where I requested support from the BrightGauge team and my experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Most of my requests were due to my own lack of experience and were quickly/easily resolved, but even those slightly-more-difficult requests (and, in some cases, custom enhancement requests) were received, responded-to and, in most cases, resolved within HOURS. From what I’ve experienced, Brightgauge has an incredibly passionate focus on customer service and exceedingly fast response times.

With the BrightGauge and Xero integration, we get a snapshot of our business performance in an instant. From the daily reports to real-time dashboards, it has been quick from the get-go and their support has been fantastic. We should have done this a long time ago!

Our team can better manage our Datto backup devices from the BrightGauge dashboard, alerting them to items which need attention.

BrightGauge allowed us to automate the generation of our daily/weekly/monthly reporting, saving us over 30 hours per month EVERY month!

I find BrightGauge invaluable as a data analysis and service management tool. We support over 200 clients and over 4,000 tickets per month and BrightGauge has enabled us to measure trends so we can address them more efficiently, as well as provide client reporting to make our service performance more transparent to our clients as well as other departments.

The ability to proactively display Datto backup issues on a dashboard to our entire team has been a major time saver. We are spending less time babysitting backup appliances to ensure a consistent backup success rate.

BrightGauge has saved me hours every week where I would usually generate and trawl through endless reports. Now I have all my dashboards & reports customized exactly how I need them giving me the information that I want when I want. Now I can concentrate on running the business not reports.

You all have wonderful service delivery and have always been delightful to work with any and every time I need something (no matter how big or small). I tell my coworkers all the time about how responsive you guys are and how helpful you’ve always been.

I have never been great at data manipulation but since we have started using BrightGauge I have been able to produce reports that have helped improve our productivity by shining a light on where we had wasted effort, time or funds. Now I feel confident making decisions based on real data rather than gut feelings. The canned reports are great, but even better is the support you get when trying to figure out something new, or figuring out why numbers don’t match up. We have been using BrightGauge for years and plan to keep using them for years to come.

The BrightGauge dashboards give us a clear view of how the Service Desk team using Autotask are performing on a particular day.  Historically we had to wait till the day ended to review reports – Now we can take immediate action to achieve the results we need.

…I’m blown away with BrightGauge Support. You guys and gals are prompt to get me answers and quick to explain what I can do differently for better results. Working with your support makes me wish all our vendors could be as quick thinking and know their product half as well as you all have mastered the ins and outs of yours.

By utilizing BrightGauge to enhance our Kaseya reporting, we have been able to save time, costs and provide our employees and customers with accurate, real-time Kaseya metrics. Internally, it has improved efficiency and increased productivity. For customers, it has allowed us to obtain detailed information and sell deeper into their accounts.

From security to backup and inventory, all data from Kaseya now feeds into our dashboards and client facing reports. And thanks to a great integration we are able to add new datasets as the need arise.

With the fleet management aspect in LabTech, it really helped us cut down on patch issues and helped us with our warranty reporting. It also helped us when it comes time for Technical Business Reviews, to report on things that come from different sources.

We spent years attempting to pull and present good data on the state of our company. Once we found BrightGauge and configured it with ConnectWise and SolarWinds MSP RMM we had instant clarity on some key areas that needed work. This also allowed us to automatically make good on our promise to be transparent with our customers and free up valuable analyst time. The integration with SolarWinds MSP RMM, in particular, has enabled us to create a true ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard on a 4k display. Kudos to BrightGauge for their nuanced and brilliant product.

Every growing MSP needs metrics and reporting. BrightGauge is the top recommendation we give to our clients. The responsiveness of their team and the excellent support make them a true pleasure to work with whether it is for our clients’ needs or our own.

We truly believe that what gets measured gets managed. Each and every team now has real time metrics on their performance, from sales to help desk. Everyone in the company has a clear view on their own activity and performance. This truly shows everyone in the company and to our customers the level of service we are achieving.

The BrightGauge dashboards provide our service desk visibility into our workload, helping us focus on the big picture. This reduces the number of unknowns the business faces as we service our clients.

BrightGauge has been a game changer for NetrixIT. By implementing the BrightGauge dashboard in our Technical Assistance Center we have driven our SLA from 88% to 95% across our client base. The setup was very simple and within the first hour we had live time data being displayed to our techs.

We are pumped to be using BrightGauge’s Zendesk integration just for the simple fact that all of our information is available throughout our office. I don’t have to login to Zendesk to see what’s going on with my business. The dashboards are up and rotating all day, it’s the first thing on and the last thing off at the end of the day. The team over at BrightGauge was amazing in helping us setup the gauges and responsive when we had issues. Top Notch!

With BrightGauge, I can very easily access my data and manipulate the charts to look exactly the way I want them to, along with the client facing reports we send on a regular basis.

BrightGauge has become a critical tool for FSN’s daily operations. Our large display panels show BrightGauge data all day long to our entire team. Specifically, by using BrightGauge our team members get immediate team-wide recognition via SmileBack’s feedback platform. We also can identify yellow or red responses and contact the client immediately to remediate issues. We have begun to better understand our KPIs and, most importantly, each team member is on the same page knowing how to be efficient and productive.

BrightGauge reporting has made a huge difference for us. I’ve cut down the time it takes to do our reporting from 30 hours per month to 4 and I’ve doubled the clients I do the reporting for.

BrightGauge has allowed us to track what’s most important and ensure that it gets done. Not only by having key metrics displayed on monitors throughout the office viewed by all, but also by sending us daily reports via email. These ‘metrics emails’ allow our leadership to very quickly review where we stand in key areas every morning, build a work plan for team members and ensure what’s most important gets done.

The data that sits in my ConnectWise database is a gold mine, but getting to it has been another story – and if I can’t measure it, I can’t manage it. With BrightGauge, I can very easily access my data and manipulate the charts to look exactly the way I want them to, in an interface that is highly intuitive and makes sense to me. Combining all the data, not only from my ticketing database but also from my RMM and the .CSV to Dropbox export from Nex.To, allows me to create a single, seamless report that I can see daily along with the client facing reports we send on a regular basis.

BrightGauge has made a huge difference with our reporting.  We are now able to combine our RMM and PSA data to generate detailed focused reports for our Service Desk / MSP metrics and have our data at our fingertips.

BrightGauge has empowered us to create gauges for both our employees, to track performance, as well as our clients. This tool allows us to make decisions faster. We now have the tools in place to deliver a full QBR without spending hours building it across our client base… BrightGauge has been a game changer for our operations. They listen to the needs of their partners and deliver results. Keep it up BrightGauge, you guys are amazing.

BrightGauge has become our central hub for business intelligence. The ability to pull multiple data sources into a central platform, then produce dashboards and reports for our team and clients is absolutely invaluable. By measuring, managing, and reporting on key metrics across all areas of our business we’re able to provide visibility into our operations that competitors simply can’t match.

BrightGauge has provided our practice with a simple tool for compiling client facing reports. Prior to BrightGauge’s integration with MaxFocus, extracting meaningful data to share with our clients was challenging at best. The BrightGauge user experience is very intuitive and simple to configure on the fly. Additionally, we are now able to create custom dashboards enabling us to monitor MaxFocus KPIs in real time.

The ability to look at metrics on workstation threats, server issues, patch statuses, or non-compliant computers is a great benefit of the Continuum-BrightGauge gauges. It’s changing the way we’re running our helpdesk and NOC.

Using the Quickbooks integration in our BrightGauge has provided significant results, specifically as a result of the dashboards we create that show the KPI’s for each department, in real time. We see our goals being achieved faster while our meeting time and complexity have been drastically reduced.

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