The Latest Customer Love

Being able to glance at a board and know where we need to focus our attention at a single glance is fantastic. Addigy itself brings back so much useful information, and having a single place, especially for our service managers, to see what we need to update in our technology scorecards with our clients just became a whole lot easier.
Karl Fulljames
VP of Operations, Nucleus Networks Inc
With the IT Glue and BrightGauge integration, we now have the ability to see how our Techs are interacting with the tools we provide them. With a quick glance at any of the TVs in our office, it’s easy to monitor each person’s progress towards our documentation goals, and we can coach or congratulate them based on their performance.
Ron Harris
CTO, Omega Computer Services
BrightGauge makes it possible to stay closely connected to the key numbers that we use to run our business, every hour of every day. Our team gets the feedback we need to know if we are working effectively and we can react if we are off track, as a company or as individuals.
Josh Kotler
Partner & CEO, Western Digitech
Daniel Gilbert
"You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best!
August 7 - 1:37 PM
Ben Aldridge
"BrightGauge is my fave vendor we deal with for prompt engagement, and support. It also makes It also makes all this other "stuff" we use more useful"
September 24 - 2:57 PM
Jonathan Hollingshead
"BrightGauge has allowed our employees to clearly see their contribution to the company's success - which is leading to more success!"
September 13 - 10:00 AM
Rouse Consulting
"We cannot say enough good things about your organization"
August 26 - 11:22 AM