The Latest Customer Love

Our team can better manage our Datto backup devices from the BrightGauge dashboard, alerting them to items which need attention.
Chris Jann
CEO, Medicus Solutions
After testing several products BrightGauge has fulfilled all of my requirements and I now have a complete view of critical data in front of me. By leveraging BrightGauge to visualize my Tigerpaw and Kaseya data I am able to save time and improve my operations with great ease. Their pre-built templates made it very easy to get started and their team is always available quickly to assist. I have been extremely satisfied with the product and the team at BrightGauge. I highly recommend BrightGauge.
Richard Trivedi
Owner, CadreNET
I find BrightGauge invaluable as a data analysis and service management tool. We support over 200 clients and over 4,000 tickets per month and BrightGauge has enabled us to measure trends so we can address them more efficiently, as well as provide client reporting to make our service performance more transparent to our clients as well as other departments
Bob Levesque
VP of Service Delivery, Thrive Networks
Ben Aldridge
"BrightGauge is my fave vendor we deal with for prompt engagement, and support. It also makes It also makes all this other "stuff" we use more useful"
September 24 - 2:57 PM
Daniel Gilbert
"You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best! You guys are the best!
August 7 - 1:37 PM
Rouse Consulting
"We cannot say enough good things about your organization"
August 26 - 11:22 AM
Jonathan Hollingshead
"BrightGauge has allowed our employees to clearly see their contribution to the company's success - which is leading to more success!"
September 13 - 10:00 AM