Two Brothers, One Vision.

Dosal Brothers

BrightGauge was founded by two brothers Brian Dosal & Eric Dosal, both veteran Managed Services Providers who started out working in the family business Compuquip Technologies. The BrightGauge idea was born after years of starting, growing and eventually selling their MSP practice and struggling with an easy way to manage the information about the business.

The proof of concept was built and released in 2010 with great success. The next version went live in November 2011 as a Client Facing Reporting tool and over the following 2 years the team gathered feedback from the customers and prospects and identified the need for a true single custom dashboard & reporting solution for both internal information and external client facing reporting. The latest version of BrightGauge was released in 2013 and continues to evolve as feedback is provided.

Brian is the visionary behind the idea and focuses on product development, customer support and consulting services while Eric focuses on Global Sales & Marketing, Finance & Operations. Together the brothers make a great team and have a passion for providing a wonderful customer experience and building amazing products.

For the Media

We love talking with the media and bloggers of our industry about any topic relating to Managed Services, Business Intelligence, or Business Analytics. If you’re interested in reaching out to us, please send us an email directly at

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