Business Intelligence for
IT Service Providers

Bring all your data into one intuitive platform

Business Intelligence for IT Service Providers

Empower your team with the data they need

Leverage the pre-built templates for each area of your business

Field tested, client approved


“We truly believe that what gets measured gets managed. Each and every team now has real time metrics on their performance, from sales to help desk. Everyone in the company has a clear view on their own activity and performance. This truly shows everyone in the company and to our customers the level of service we are achieving.”

Thomas Bresse

Founder, CTO, BeProductiv

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Make better decisions, faster

Make better decisions, faster

Consolidate Your Data

Bring multiple data sources into our platform, whether its an on premise system with our secure agent or connected via an API to a hosted provider. We help you break down the barriers of data silos and bring all your key business data together

Make better decisions, faster

Customize Visuals

Our Gauge Builder puts powerful data visualization capabilities in your hands.  From the basic summary functionality to the most complex slicing and dicing, our Gauge Builder empowers you to customize the data you want to see, how you want to see it.

Make better decisions, faster

Intuitive Dashboards

Quickly and easily share your information with your team. Our dashboards enable you to react quickly to time sensitive issues and keep an eye on your overall business performance. With our ability to fit any screen it’s very easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Make better decisions, faster

Automated Reporting

Share your data securely with the right people giving them the information they need to make decisions. All of our gauges can easily be added to our reports and sent on demand or on a pre-defined schedule. Making it easy to stay on top of your KPIs no matter where you are.

Beautiful on every screen

Giving you access to your KPIs wherever you are.

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