Building Customer Relationships through Transparency


Ask anyone who has been in the Service Provider game for a while about reporting capabilities, and without a doubt you’ll hear that most of the PSA vendors don’t provide a lot of flexibility. Yes, there are some standard options available but ‘standard’ options always have limitations.
As it is, the Executive team at TUC Managed IT Solutions found themselves frustrated with their lack of choices shortly after the switch from NetSuite to ConnectWise a few years ago, not only because of the reporting limitations but also because the customer portal didn’t offer the visual appeal that TUC prioritizes as an integral part of any business application.


Looking for a Solution

It was not too long after the switch to ConnectWise that Shann Bosnell, TUC’s VP of Technology, attended IT Nation where he saw a BrightGauge demo by our co-Founders, Brian and Eric Dosal. Shann was in the market for a reporting solution that would offer visual appeal and ease of use, but he also realized that the only time a customer-facing solution would make sense is if his customers could also see the value in the service he provides.

After speaking with the Dosals, Shann realized that the platform would solve a number of the issues that TUC was facing. Right then and there, Shann decided that he would utilize BrightGauge to manage the data he needed at his fingertips. After working with the BrightGauge team to ensure a proper setup and that information was being captured from both ConnectWise and LabTech, the TUC team was ready to get started with their new data solution.

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Building customer relationships through transparency

Before BrightGauge, TUC’s reporting options left the team so frustrated that they decided to skip reports all together. After getting started with BrightGauge’s earlier version, the impact was immediately noticed and the results helped to set the stage for what TUC could offer their customers. Shann and his team had the ability to create impactful, actionable reporting that would show customers what work was being performed and the time and effort TUC was saving them. With the launch of BrightGauge’s newest release, 4.0, and customer dashboards, TUC now has the ability for their customers to see specific information that is important to them... in real time.

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Shann’s team started by offering reporting and dashboarding to one of their main customers; when the feedback proved the customer was blown away with the capabilities the team knew they had a way to solidify all of their business relationships. These days, TUC has 7 people creating reports and each person averages 2-3 hours spent each week producing them. Since reporting is now a priority, TUC hears that their
customers are significantly happier based on the transparency they can offer. Whether results are good or bad, customers can easily see which parts of the business relationship are strong and which parts need improvement. As Shann explains, “this helps us be a better company each day.”

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Recommending BrightGauge

In the end, any tool is only as good as the development being put into it and the support you get, when you need it.  BrightGauge is always in development.  New benefits are coming monthly from my investment.  Every time I’ve had to reach out to support they truly do meet 3 important parts of support I look for.  1 – Quick response.  2 – Empathetic to the situation.  3 – Offer a solution.  It is for these reasons that BrightGauge is our chosen partner.”

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