Driving Improved Team Performance using BrightGauge


Netrix IT runs on Traction EOS and this business model requires a scorecard to be reported on weekly from each department of the company to ensure everyone is on track to meet weekly, quarterly, and year end goals.

Although they had an operations strategy in place, they lacked an efficient way to extract the data they needed to help track their team’s progress. Netrix’s Director of Technology, Nick Olerud, needed a solution that would manage the data but also help easily share the data with his entire team for them to know how they were performing.

Looking for a Solution

Before they became a BrightGauge customer, Netrix knew they had a wealth of information in their Tigerpaw PSA along with their other internal systems that would help them manage their business. The challenge was they were spending a lot of time compiling the necessary reports from various systems. With no centralized data solution in place, Nick was manually pulling data from Tigerpaw and other data sources, then spending up to 4 hours each week creating the team’s scorecard alone - time that he didn’t have to spare, especially when you consider Netrix IT’s rapid pace of growth.

Once the team at Netrix had seen BrightGauge in action, they were excited and ready to dive in immediately. Their demo, signup, and deployment took less than 48 hours from start to finish: “Setup time is minimal and the building of gauges and reports is very intuitive.”

Netrix IT quote 3_BrightGauge

Using BrightGauge

When Netrix signed up as a BrightGauge customer, they immediately began seeing results when it came to making sense of their data. For the management team, leveraging reports and dashboards made it easy to gain critical business insights. But there was also a greater push when it came to the entire team’s performance and accountability. In fact, after deploying BrightGauge Nick could see the results immediately: “within the first week, I could see the team really rally around the dashboard and begin to take pride in the level of service they provide”.

BrightGauge_Netrix IT_TAC dashboard

the Netrix team and their TAC dashboard

Netrix has a very competitive team and the transparency that stems from using the BrightGauge dashboards helps to drive the team’s efforts to the right task at the right time. Displaying Open Service Order [ticket] Counts and SLA numbers (daily and weekly) helps them set the tone for the day and allows them to know when they need to pull in more resources.

As Nick describes it, “BrightGauge is really the heartbeat monitor of our Technical Assistance Center. We use it to monitor the response time, workload, and ensure our clients receive the support they expect.” And now when it comes to those weekly scorecard updates, the report is automated and gets delivered to Nick’s inbox every Monday: “The amount of time it saves me while keeping our technical team on task is unmeasurable and completely priceless.”

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Recommending BrightGauge

Businesses don’t run on ‘feel’, instead you need facts and numbers, which BrightGauge brings to the table, explains Nick. He goes on to say “The product is amazing and the people at BrightGauge are top notch. I believe in having a solid relationship with my vendors and clients. I had the opportunity to meet Eric and Larry at the most recent TigerPaw conference and it was a blast to collaborate with them and share success stories.”

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