Raising Your Data Game with BrightGauge

As the founder and CEO of Western Digitech, Josh Kotler was continually running into problems with reporting and data measurement. The lack of easy access to data was affecting their business processes, and using Excel spreadsheets to track efficiency among employees came with several pain points:

Three Biggest Points of Frustration Pre-BrightGauge

  • Their data was in a format that made it tough to share and consume.
  • The team didn’t have the ability to benchmark performance visually, limiting their ability to respond to the issues the data highlighted.
  • Because the data was harder to measure, Western Digitech measured less. Since they measured less, performance suffered.

At the same time, proving the value of their work to clients was difficult without a reliable way to extract and organize that data. Josh explains, “we wanted to be able to send our clients attractive and meaningful reports that demonstrated how much we were accomplishing on their behalf.”

Aware of these issues within his business, Josh was actively seeking a solution when he first discovered BrightGauge at the IT Nation conference. Shortly after seeing BrightGauge in action, he learned that a friend’s MSP was also using the platform.

This prompted his decision to move forward, along with BrightGauge’s reputation within the industry:

Western Digitech chose BrightGauge based on industry reputation

Adopting BrightGauge

After a short walk-through of the features with the BrightGauge team, Western Digitech was up and running. Josh goes on to say that while the implementation process was incredibly easy for his team, he was more impressed with how intuitive the platform is:

Western Digitech loves BrightGauge because it's easy to use

One early benefit that the company noticed was the ease with which BrightGauge was able to improve their business processes and culture, such as their “better every quarter” mentality. Josh went on to explain how much he likes the insights that BrightGauge provides to each manager, allowing them to build out their own dashboards with the data that is most relevant to their position.

BrightGauge gives Western Digitech a simple way for the whole team to track progress

Results with BrightGauge

Western Digitech quickly noticed several benefits following their BrightGauge implementation, beginning with the ability to access data in real-time. Instead of examining reports from previous days and weeks, their team is now able to identify issues, analyze operations, and deploy solutions much more quickly. “We can build a better business with less frustration and effort,” Josh explained.

Then, there’s the progress in sales and service delivery due to the real-time insights that are now so easy to come by. In days past, the team wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the increased demand for their services while using traditional reporting. And the results? As Josh explains, Western Digitech has seen a huge jump in profitability:

Western Digitech shares their results from using BrightGauge

Josh also pointed out that the addition of dashboards in Western Digitech’s helpdesk area has created a friendly sense of competition, especially when it comes to their number of completed tickets. “As guys chase numbers, response times have improved. Also, our Team Leaders have better data - timely data - and can better manage based on that data.”

As with any software solution, the benefits of the product itself are only part of the picture, because the support that comes with it can make or break the user’s experience. “The support from the BrightGauge team has been exemplary. They are into data visualization and they’re excited to learn about new applications and gauge ideas. If you can dream it, they can make it a reality,” Josh says.

Recommending BrightGauge

For the Western Digitech team, finding a tool that was user-friendly and ready to go from day one was critical:

Western Digitech recommends BrightGauge

Josh sums up his BrightGauge experience, saying “you can’t improve what you don’t measure. If you are serious about raising your game, you must understand your KPIs - BrightGauge makes that easy!”

Josh Kotler's favorite BrightGauge feature