Manage complex networks and make data-driven business decisions with the power of BrightGauge and N-central (formerly N-able).

Run your business as efficiently as possible

As an MSP, you have a lot of responsibility in your hands. You manage many remote networks and use a tool like N-central to help you monitor different types of networks, conduct patch updates, and backup and recover devices. By integrating with BrightGauge, you’ll have access and visibility to important data that will drive your business decisions, so you can be as productive, efficient, and successful as possible.

Real-Time Dashboards

Know exactly what’s going on with all your machines at any given time. BrightGauge dashboards show you which machines need immediate attention, if any networks are timing out, whether devices are close to max capacity, and more. With real-time visibility, nothing falls through the cracks.

Client Reporting

Show your clients how hard you work to ensure their systems are running properly and up-to-date. Our Client Reporting feature allows you to create custom reports and automatically send them to clients on the date and time you choose. It’s a simple and effective way to build trust.

Default N-central Gauges

We’ve listened to customers like you to determine which metrics matter most to your business, so when you open a BrightGauge account, you’ll find 40 pre-built gauges automatically available to you. It’s easy to start tracking your data immediately.

What is SolarWinds MSP N-central?

An RMM platform makes it easier to stay organized and manage multiple networks at once. It’s a business solution that saves you time and increases efficiency. N-central solutions include: 

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Most popular integrations to combine with Solarwinds N-central

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