What to Expect when Adopting BrightGauge


Sometimes in life, you don’t initially realize when things could be even better than they already are. At first glance, the grass is green on your side of the fence. The team at PriorityOne Group used to be in this scenario… their grass was green when it came to the dashboard and reporting solution they had in place and they actually liked the product very much.

But at a closer glance, there were some brown patches to be found here and there.

As Jason Romer, Director of Technical Services, looks back on his days of using that first software solution he remembers that he wished for faster support response times and more guidance on what the software could do. Additionally, the gauges and dashboards in those days were very time intensive to manipulate - and with a growing business he didn’t have any time to spare.

The Change

It was the
IT Nation conference in November 2015 that gave Jason a glimpse into how green the grass could be for PriorityOne. He had just left the booth of his dashboard solution at that time, when he came across the BrightGauge booth. As he tells the story, “I spoke to the BrightGauge team and they showed me the types of gauges and reports they had. The a-ha moment was when they said they would set it up for us and showed us the Quickbooks datasets – as soon as we saw that, it was a wrap.” Besides the Quickbooks integration, Jason was also keen on the ease of use and data manipulation that he knew would result in rich reports for his clients. But it was the BrightGauge team that truly sealed the deal. Jason concludes that “the people sell the product” and we certainly agree that our people are one of our best assets!

Getting Started with BrightGauge

Looking at the BrightGauge implementation and onboarding process, Jason states that it was “incredibly easy”.  It all started with a Data Customization chat with our team so that he could explain what PriorityOne wanted and the parameters of how they use their data sources. Jason goes on to explain that the onboarding process and the people at BrightGauge are the most positive experiences in his time as a customer. “We were hand-held from the beginning, which from my point of view trying to run a MSP of our size and not having the time to get into the weeds on all this stuff is HUGE! The BrightGauge team did and is still doing the work for us so that
we can focus on using the tools.”

PriorityOne gets started with BrightGauge.png

When it comes to the software differences Jason confides “there are many positive differences just in terms of user experience, look and feel, types of data that is available and the reporting aspect, but it’s the people that make BrightGauge different and stand out. Even when the team got slammed with work around the holidays, they were upfront about it, setting expectations with me the entire way. It was a breath of fresh air in a world where everyone seems unable to tell the client what’s really going on.”


Recommending BrightGauge

The effect of changing their Business Intelligence platform showed quickly for the team at PriorityOne, as they were soon able to benefit from the results of leveraging BrightGauge. Jason explains that now he and his team “see everything” from A/R at a glance or even noticing when their engineers are getting too busy… and that visibility also allows them to work on other aspects of their business.

PriorityOne recommends BrightGauge.png

Jason minces no words as he explains to the MSP community
If you don’t have a dashboard system you have no idea what you are missing, seriously, because you have no visibility on what you are missing. I recommend BrightGauge over other solutions because of the hands on approach the staff takes, the elegance of the dashboards, the ease of use and manipulation, and the quality of the reports.”


Jason Romer's favorite BrightGauge feature-1.png